Most pet mantis are found in the wild or bought online.  Check our YouTube channel for praying mantis care and breeding help click
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Mantis Care FAQ

How much do I feed my pet mantis?

They cannot over eat generally. Healthy mantis will eat till full and like in the wild when food is plentiful.

Feed newly hatched praying mantis' wingless/winged fruit flies flightless fruit flies, on Sale here! Click Here

See the care sheet here

How long can a mantis go without food

The absolute maximum is five weeks, but that's only for some species and would be very cruel. I would recommend feeding your mantis every 2-3 days, but try to avoid going longer than two weeks at the maximum.

DO NOT FEED YOUR MANTIS: canned tuna, honey, lunch meat, tofu, etc. This is very bad for them. Praying mantis' will eat: crickets, houseflies, small butterflies, moths, and other small insects.

Don't worry if your mantis won't eat for a few days, this usually means it will molt soon. It should be left alone to molt quiet and no moving the habitat.

Can a mantis bite me?

They would rather jump or fly away than bite or pinch. They really cant hurt you and would rather be handeled gently an play

As the mantis grows it will shed its skin several times, becoming larger at each stage. Initially a small container such as a Deli Cup Habitatwill make suitable cage. As the mantis grows it can progress into a larger habitat like our Best Insect HabitatThis habitat is suitable for most all species of mantids! The hole can be plugged with its sponge plug which will also allow air to enter and for "escape free feeding".

Ventilation and drainage are most important! see how we make them here.Vents and drainage are thoughtfully placed for a healthy environment and your success as a Mantis keeper.

We also use net cages, Net cages are made with fine mesh and are nice and safe for insects. These are great for hatching nymphs or keeping mantids if maintaining humidity isnt an issue, in the summer we hang some in the shade and the insects love it!

Whatever type of cage is used a stick, mesh or plastic decoration like a flower  should be provided for the insect to hang from when it sheds its skin and the distance from the top of the branch to the floor must be at least three times the length of the insect. refer to the care sheet for more info here

Build a habitat

Can a mantis bite me?

In general mantids will jump or fly away when frightened. They can pinch a tiny bit but once your familiar with handling your pet it will be eager to be held. See here How to Train Your Dragon (Mantis)

Flicking your mantis or dropping it can hurt even kill your pet. sometimes an injury happens and they die a few days later. I am often told, "it just died" sometimes  learning a 5 year old plays with it.

What is the lifespan of a mantis?

This needs a little explaining. newly hatched (1st instar or 'stage L1) Through the third instar (the third instar L3',is the stage after they've shed their skin twice) they should be watched over closely. Each subsequent instar results in a stronger pet. Mantises molt about 7 times. Females molt one or two times more than males. This allows mantises from the same clutch (siblings) to mature at different times, which in turn prevents inbreeding in nature. inbreeding mantids is not an issue generally thought we do ensure good genetic stock by adding new gene pools from other breeders. All of our mantis are captive bred by us and in cooperation with several partners who breed in the USA


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