Bio-cube Insectarium

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Features & details

  • Insectarium  KIT: 10”x10x10.5 cube-shaped insectarium kit perfect for mantids, spiders, , Dart frogs, scorpion and other insects.
  • STYLISH: Features LED lights to highlight your pets and an attractive pedestal base.
  • CONVENIENT: Clear canopy has a hole for easy feeding.
  • DIMENSIONS: 10 inches deep x 10 inches wide x 10.5
  • Equipped with proper ventilation on sides for a health environment for insects 
  • The Bio-cube features an LED light to highlight your insects.
  • The lid features a convenient feeding hole with plug
  • Stem project 
Bio-active accessories Kit.
  • bio-active substrate mix
  • 3-air plants
  • Hygrometer / thermometer with probe
  • bio leaf litter
  • Springtails and Isopods cleaning crew