Stenophylla lobivertex "Dragon Mantis"

Recently reclassified and grouped into a separate family, Stenophyllais rare even among mantises, whose range and numbers aren't well recorded in dense rain forests. In fact, Lanna says, the three species in the genus Stenophylla are mostly known from museum collections.

We've learned this is a relatively easy mantis to keep and breed. They can be kept communally as always if enough are in habitat and food is plentiful. We have not observed any cannibalism in groups of 10 and more

Stenophylla lobivertex,
Lombardo, 2000
Origin: Peru
Temperature: 24-30°C 75-86F
Humidity: 60-80%

Size: females ~4-5cm 1.5-2"
       males ~4-5cm
 mostly preferring moths though fruitflies are more than adequate
and butterflies
Enclosure size:

This is a very rare and unusual species new to our breeding group. We will keep you posted once we have results as to if ever these will be made available. At this time we are only awarding them to entomology research groups. 

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