Sphodromantis is a large genus of mantises concentrated in Africa. Outside their range, many share the name African mantis.

Sphodromantis abessinica, Sphodromantis aethiopica, Sphodromantis annobonensis, Sphodromantis aurea (Congo green mantis), Sphodromantis baccettii, Sphodromantis balachowskyi (African mantis), Sphodromantis biocellata, Sphodromantis centralis (African mantis, Central African mantis), Sphodromantis citernii, Sphodromantis congica, Sphodromantis conspicua, Sphodromantis elegans, Sphodromantis elongata, Sphodromantis fenestrata, Sphodromantis gastrica (common green mantis), Sphodromantis gestri, Sphodromantis giubana, Sphodromantis gracilicollis, Sphodromantis gracilis, Sphodromantis hyalina, Sphodromantis kersteni, Sphodromantis lagrecai, Sphodromantis lineola (African mantis, African lined mantis), Sphodromantis obscura, Sphodromantis pachinota, Sphodromantis pardii, Sphodromantis pavonina, Sphodromantis quinquecallosa, Sphodromantis royi, Sphodromantis rubrostigma, Sphodromantis rudolfae, Sphodromantis tenuidentata, Sphodromantis trimacula, Sphodromantis viridis (giant African mantis, bush mantis)