Deli Cups Insect Culture containers. Plastic (8 oz) NO LIDS

Deli Cups Insect Culture containers

*lids Sold Separately*

8 oz deli cups are great for rearing fruit flies, wax worms, and other feeder insects in. We use 8 oz deli cups to raise springtails, blue bottle fly pupae. 32 oz deli cups are sold without lids. For fruit fly culturing, these cups can be used in conjunction with our Vented Insect Lids or Fabric Vented Insect Lids.

These containers are great for shipping animals.  The cups are 4.5" X 1.75". Holes are not punched in the cups, but may be easily added with a hole punch or thumb tack. or with our Vented Insect Lids or Fabric Vented Insect Lids.USMantis recommends using our Shipping Supplies.

These containers also are ideal for incubating reptile eggs. Simply fill the container 1/3 to 1/2 full with your desired incubation media, punch a few holes to allow for ventilation, then place the container in your incubator.

We also sell lids with easy feed foam plugs