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Magnifying insect jars with lids. Acrylic containers 31/2" tall and 21/2" wide vented.

Magnifying bug jars vented. See through clear Acrylic dimensions are: The jar is 3" inches tall.
The jar measures 2 inches in diameter at the bottom. The jar has straight sides and the lid attached and then later narrows in onto the magnifying part. There is a small lip where the lid and jar meet.

The magnifying lid is 2 and 11/16th"wide vent holes lid with 5X Optical-Quality magnifier lids.

These are great for carefully observing insect specimens. We use the here when trying to determine the sex of a nymph or examine a specimen in detail.

We often use these when shipping insects as they are crush-proof and vented. We sell these in singles or discounted boxes of 10 magnifying jars.

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