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December 17-Jan 2


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Springtails in Clay New Formula. Temperate Springtails clean-up crew, on Calcium Bearing Clay in 8 oz deli cups.

Springtails in clay, at USMANTIS we produce springtail cultures aged and producing. 

New improved cultures teaming with egg-laying swarm. USMANTIS carefully prepared our special medium, the perfect environment for springtails to spawn, correct ph, nutrients and texture!

  • Springtails care sheet: Red clay, fine sand, mulch, limestone, activated- charcoal and nutrients.
  • Culture is composted for more than 21 days and PH tested with laboratory precision. We take our cultures seriously. It’s a science!


  • It is an active culture, it’s own bioactive habitat that supports breeding and hatching healthy spawn

Our new clay-based springtail  (Folsomia candidacolonies are a huge improvement 

We use calcium bearing clay made from premium ingredients containing everything you’ll need to maintain a healthy and thriving springtail colony.

Note: often cultures can seem to die down with shipping, it’s using express is recommended. If the culture doesn’t seem to be “jumping with life” leave closed at room temperature for the culture bloom again. The spawn in the medium will hatch and produce once again.

Do not over feed ! Or better yet don’t feed at all, if you must one or 2 grains of rice is enough. Adding foods can poison the culture, they don’t require any other nutrients