Complete praying mantis habitat Kit with Feeding Port. Mantis keepers

These cups are inexpensive and do the job. Its what we use in our insectarium. They are setup to keep praying mantis healthy and secure.

Vented lid with foam plugs ensure safe, no escapees, no pinched pets while feeding and misting. Watch our videos on how to feed without flies escaping

Kit Includes: 32 OZ. Cup, Coco Fiber substrate, Silicone mesh ladder, colorful flower with leaves perch, vented lid, with port and foam plug All Ready for Praying mantis Nymphs. *Plastic funnel not included

This Mantis Habitat Kit includes everything you'll need to successfully raise a young mantis nymph for the first three to four months of its life (large species), or for the entire life for smaller species like flower mantises and ghost mantises. This habitat is a proven winner.

. Treat your pet, we care about its well being and your pleasure with caring for it