Magnolia Leaf Litter (1 Gallon) Organic Bio-active substrate Pure and pet safe.

USMantis Magnolia Leaf Litter (1 Gallon) hold up very well in humid environments so they make a great terrarium addition. Magnolia leaves from UsMantis 100% Home Grown organic. provide hiding spots for your pets, isopods and springtails and a place for spring-tails and cleaners  to propagate . A medium sized leaf, Magnolia leaves measure about 4-5", but can vary a bit in length. I personally guarantee this product as the perfect species of magnolia for bio-active and safe for pet use. Hand Picked Harvested ourselves with pride. 

 The difference is our Handpicked from live from the tree, inspected and cleaned. Sun dried on screen racks. Others sell oak leaves that have already fallen to the ground raked up and are full with mold and bacteria infected also containing spores from other plants which are undesirable and possibly dangerous to your Eco-system and pets.  

Leaf Litter performs a very important role in a naturalistic vivarium. Leaf Litter provides shelter, visual barriers, and hiding places for the vivarium inhabitants, such as poison dart frogs. Mimicking the role of dead plant matter in the rainforest, Leaf Litter also puts nutrients back into the environment, providing the stuff plants and microfauna need to thrive! USMantis Leaf Litter is collected from a pesticide and herbicide free environment. One gallon of leaf litter will cover approximately 1.5 square feet to the desired depth of 1".


Our leaves are pesticide free HOME GROWN! see pictures below of our magnificent magnolia tree. We guarantee pure chemical free products. We use these ourselves for our pets.