Phaenopharos Khaoyaiensis Stick Insect (Bud-Wing) 6-pack

Phaenopharos Khaoyaiensis Stick Insect (Bud-Wing)

Care Sheet

The Bud-wing stick insect is a sexually reproducing stick insect originating in Thailand, but the females can produce fertile ova without a male. The females are a light beige, with a girth the thickness of a pencil. The body has tiny spikes, the wing buds have pastel colors, and the wings are crimson red. The Bud-wing stick insect is a docile stick insect, easy to handle, and doesn’t drop legs easily as some stick insects do. We began to see hatching ova after 3 months of raising this species.


We use a 30-inch high screen cage with an 18x18-inch base. Our females with the front legs extended cover 9-inches of space, so be sure your cage has enough room.


We feed the Bud-wing stick insects Blackberry, they will also eat Raspberry, Hypericum, and Hawthorn.


The Bud-wing can do without water spraying daily, but we spray morning and night.


Females reproduce sexually which means the male is involved in fertilization. In the absence of males, the females can also reproduce parthenogenetically, with a high hatch rate.