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Sphodromantis sp Blue Flash Giant African Mantis

Sphodromantis is a large genus of praying mantises concentrated in Africa, sometimes ... African Mantis); Sphodromantis sp. "Blue Flash" (An unknown species of Sphodromantis that comes from the Congo and are popular in the hobby

Temperature / Humidity
This mantis can be kept at between 21 and 28 degrees comfortably and does not need a drop in temperature at night.
Spray or mist the cage every other day dependent on the type of cage. If it is a netted cage you will need to spray daily

Feed a large mantis like this 4 to 5 large crickets weekly, blue bottle flies or dubia roaches.

When adult, allow your mantids 8 to 14 days after their final moult before pairing with each other.
Best time to attempt pairing is around dusk
Place the female in the males cage, preferably in front of the male so that the male sees the female but the female does not see the male and leave them too it ! The female is aggressive
If you see the mantids mating, remove the male after coitus and keep for other females or to re mate after oothecas are laid
The female, when mated will likely lay an ootheca between 7 and 20 days later..

Nymphs are reddish brown in color.