Giant Shield Rhombodera megaera

Rhombodera megaera

Scientific name: Rhombodera sp. "Stinker" R. megaera
Common name: Giant shield mantis
Distribution: Thailand
Max. size: Male ~10 cm, female ~11 cm
Temperature: Day 22 - 26 °C, night room temperature
Relative humidity: Day 50 - 60 %, night 60 - 70 %
Recommended min. size of terrarium WxDxH: 30 x 30 x 40 cm
Aggressivity against each other: High
Level of difficulty: Middle (good ventilation needed)
Moults until fully grown: ~9 (adult in L10)
L1: Small fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster
L2/L3: Big fruit fly Drosophila hydei
L4/L5: Blue bottle flies
L6 - adult: Bluebottle fly Calliphora sp.
Adult females especially love big insects like grasshoppers and cockroaches.

Rhombodera sp. "Stinker" belongs to the biggest Rhombodera species.