Rhombodera stalli Giant Shield Mantis

These mantids are best for beginner to intermediate keepers. There are multiple species under the Rhombodera family, but they all make great pets and have similar characteristics and care needs.

Native to Asia, this species uses its shield-like backplate that appears when they are a nymph to blend in among the leaves. R. Basalis has one of the largest shield sizes among the family.

Size-wise they range from about 3.5-4.5" in length. They also all have a main body color of green and some have varying markings in orange or pink on their wings, head, or legs.

They need a temperature range of 70 to 85 degrees. They also need an average humidity of 50% to 60% during the day and a slight increase at night between 60% and 70%. Due to their aggressive nature, they should be housed individually.

They are all very active and love to hunt and chase down their meals making them very entertaining to own and watch. They do also generally enjoy being held.


*OOTHS are never guaranteed to hatch! they can take up to 10 weeks to hatch. We do assure you that they are fertile and captive-bred