Cork Bark Chunks for Bio-active habitat bioactive organic

 1/2 gallon bag of small cork bark chunks. These are great for your smaller terrariums, backgrounds, culturing roaches, isopods, springtails, keeping arachnids and for mounting smaller Orchids, air plants, and epiphytes.

Cork bark is natural and organic grown sustainably in Portugal. It is mold resistant basically intert material. However it’s so useful with its crevices and footholds. Also easy to drill or cut as needed. it’s also just beautiful and stays nice for a very long time!

This product is a must for any terrarium or bioactive setup. Virgin cork back piece is all set for you setup. Cork instantly gives your tank that naturalistic appearance

 Our Cork is Natural Virgin Cork Bark. No chemicals have been used on this cork. Natural cork bark is a great for birds also as a chew toy liking softer woods. This shreds easy. It's awesome for hiding treat in the natural crevices, Great for all birds sizes