Virgin Cork Bark Tubes, rounds

  •  Cork bark is a decorative natural perfect medium for your pets, praying mantis to perch, hide or hang from. Insects, isopods, millipedes, beetles, geckos and plants LOVE natural cork.
    Be creative using fishing line, waterproof E600 waterproof adhesive or hot glue to hang or create natural bioactive environment. Display air plants, orchids and bromeliads. You can create beautiful hangings by attaching a wire and mounting screw.

  • Cork bark replicates one of the safe comfortable and favorite natural hosts, the branches and trunks of tropical trees your pet will love.

  • Sold by the size of a single piece 
  • Size Dimensions
    Chunk 3 in
    Small 6 in
    Medium 9 in
    Large 16 in

    Product Highlights:

    • Renewable cork bark slabs
    • Great medium for displaying air plants and orchids
    • No air plants are included in this listing
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  • Size Dimensions
    Chunk 1 X 3 in
    Small 4 X 6 in
    Medium 7 X 9 in
    Large 10 X 16 in