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  • IGM Mantodea Numbering system. Used in Germany

     Mantodea Numbering System IGM-IG is a German abbreviation for "interest group". The IGMs goal is to bring together mantid information and mantid enthusiast from any kind: private breeders and keepers are welcome to join as well as scientists are.

    IGM No.  genus  species  family  Country 
    1 Sphodromantis lineola Mantidae West Africa
    2 Hierodula membranacea Mantidae India, 
    3 Gongylus gongylodes Empusidae India, 
    4 Miomantis paykullii Mantidae Egypt, 
    5 Polyspilota aeruginosa Mantidae West Africa
    6 Parasphendale affinis Mantidae Tanzania, 
    7 Parasphendale agrionina Mantidae East Africa
    8 Hymenopus coronatus Hymenopodidae Malaysia, Malaysian Peninsula, Merapoh
    9 Blepharopsis mendica Empusidae North Africa
    10 Phyllocrania paradoxa Hymenopodidae East Africa
    11 Creobroter pictipennis Hymenopodidae Sri Lanka, 
    12 Creobroter gemmatus Hymenopodidae East Asia
    13 Sibylla pretiosa Sibyllidae South Africa
    14 Sibylla pretiosa Sibyllidae Kenya, coastal region
    15 Deroplatys desiccata Mantidae Malaysia, Malaysian Peninsula, Merapoh
    16 Deroplatys lobata Mantidae Malaysia, Malaysian Peninsula, Merapoh
    17 Deroplatys lobata Mantidae Malaysia, Tapah Hills, Ipoh
    18 Deroplatys trigonodera Mantidae Malaysia, W-Sarawak
    19 Euchomenella cf. heteroptera Mantidae Malaysia, W-Sarawak
    20 Hierodula cf. tenuis Mantidae Malaysia, W-Sarawak
    21 Ameles decolor Mantidae France, South France, Manosque
    22 Ameles spallanzania Mantidae France, Mediterranean coast, Cassis
    23 Empusa pennata Empusidae France, South France, Manosque
    24 Idolomantis diabolica Empusidae Kenya, coastal region, Malindi
    25 Idolomantis diabolica Empusidae Tanzania, Mwanza/Mara
    26 Idolomantis diabolica Empusidae Tanzanioshi
    27 Archimantis gracilis Mantidae Australia, Northern Territory, Darwin
    28 Phyllovates tripunctata Mantidae Peru, Estado Pasco, Pozuzo
    29 Oxypilus distinctus Hymenopodidae The Gambia, District Kombo Centrale, Kiti
    30 Pseudoharpax virescens Hymenopodidae The Gambia, District Kombo
    31 Elaea cf. marchali Mantidae The Gambia, District Kombo East
    32 Pyrgomantis ionesis Tarachodidae The Gambia, District Kombo East
    33 Idolomorpha lateralis Empusidae The Gambia, District Kombo
    34 Idolomorpha lateralis Empusidae Guinea-Bissaissau
    35 Galepsus (Lygdamia) nimulensis Tarachodidae The Gambia, District Kombo North
    36 Entella spec. Mantidae The Gambia, District Kombo
    37 Hoplocorypha cf. lobata Thespidae The Gambia, District Kombo
    38 Danuria (Danuria) buchholzi Mantidae The Gambia, District Kombo Centrale, Kiti
    39 Sibylla dolosa Sibyllidae The Gambia, District Kombo Centrale, Kiti
    40 Sphodromantis spec. Mantidae The Gambia, District Kombo Centrale, Kiti
    41 Tarachodes spec. "robust" Tarachodidae The Gambia, District Kombo East
    42 Tarachodes spec. "schlank" Tarachodidae The Gambia, District Kombo North
    43 Miomantis spec. Mantidae The Gambia, District Kombo
    44 Pseudocreobotra ocellata Hymenopodidae The Gambia, District Kombo
    45 Solygia sulcatifrons Mantidae The Gambia, District Kombo East
    46 Sphodromantis spec. Mantidae The Gambia, District Kombo
    47 Sphodromantis spec. Mantidae Tanzania, 
    48 Neodanuria bolauana Mantidae Kenya, coastal region, Malindi
    49 Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii Hymenopodidae East Africa
    50 Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii Hymenopodidae Kenya, coastal region, Malindi
    51 Tarachodula pantherina Tarachodidae Kenya, coastal region, Malindi
    52 Pseudogalepsus nigricoxa Tarachodidae
    53 Popa spurca Mantidae Kenya, coastal region, Malindi
    54 Amantis spec. Mantidae Malaysia, W-Sarawak
    55 Tisma pauliani Mantidae Madagascar, Toliary, Fort-Dauphin
    56 Acromantis cf. moultoni Hymenopodidae Malaysia, W-Sarawak
    57 Acromantis spec. Hymenopodidae Malaysia, W-Sarawak
    58 Deroplatys lobata Mantidae Malaysia, W-Sarawak
    59 Pseudovates peruviana Mantidae Peru, Santa Rosa de Quives, Lima
    60 Tropidomantis spec. Iridopterygidae Malaysia, W-Sarawak
    61 Pseudempusa pinnapavonis Mantidae Thailand, 
    62 Statilia maculata Mantidae Laos, Ninh Binh, Cuc Phuong
    63 Hierodula aff. patellifera Mantidae Thailand, 
    64 Tarachomantis spec. "feucht" Mantidae Madagascar, 
    65 Polyspilota aeruginosa Mantidae Madagascar, 
    66 Chloroharpax modesta Hymenopodidae West Africa
    67 Brunneria borealis Mantidae USA, 
    68 Otomantis scutigera Hymenopodidae Tanzania, 
    69 Humbertiella spec. Liturgusidae Thailand, Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima
    70 Creobroter elongatus Hymenopodidae Thailand, Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima
    71 Eremiaphila spec. Eremiaphilidae Pakistan, 
    72 Pnignomantis medioconstricta Mantidae Indonesia, Isla Flores
    73 Ceratomantis saussurii Hymenopodidae Thailand, Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima
    74 Danuria spec. Mantidae Tanzania, Mara, Musoma
    75 Tenodera spec. Mantidae Laos, Ninh Binh, Cuc Phuong
    76 Empusa pennata Empusidae Portugal, Alentejo, Beja
    77 Stagmatoptera hyaloptera Mantidae Argentina, 
    78 Ameles cf. spallanzania Mantidae Portugal, Alentejo, Beja
    79 Bolbena (Bolbena) hottentotta Iridopterygidae Namibia, Waterberg
    80 Apterocorypha aurita Thespidae Madagascar, Tsimelahy, Fort-Dauphin
    81 Deroplatys lobata Mantidae Malaysia, Sultanate Pahang, Cameron Highlands
    82 Deroplatys desiccata Mantidae Malaysia, Sultanate Pahang, Cameron Highlands
    83 Rhombodera cf. basalis Mantidae Malaysia, Sultanate Pahang, Cameron Highlands
    84 Ambivia undata Mantidae Malaysia, Sultanate Pahang, Cameron Highlands
    85 Camelomantis spec. Mantidae Malaysia, Sultanate Pahang, Cameron Highlands
    86 Ligaria cf. brevipennis Mantidae Namibia, Kavango, Popa Falls
    87 Nothogalepsus planivertex Tarachodidae Namibia, Grootfontein, Grootfontein
    88 Zoolea major Mantidae Paraguay, San Pedro, Tupi Loma
    89 Tenodera aridifolia Mantidae Malaysia, Sultanate Pahang, Cameron Highlands
    90 Galepsus (Onychogalepsus) spec. Tarachodidae Namibia, Etosha, Halali
    91 Hoplocorypha spec. 1 Thespidae Namibia, 
    92 Hoplocorypha spec. 2 Thespidae Namibia, 
    93 Ephestiasula pictipes Hymenopodidae India, Goa, Canacona vic. Cabo de Rame
    94 Miomantis spec. Mantidae Namibia, 
    95 Paramantis prasina Mantidae Madagascar, Toliary, Fort-Dauphin
    96 Phyllovates chlorophaea Mantidae USA, Texas
    97 Tarachodes spec. Tarachodidae Namibia, Roys Camp.
    98 Tenodera spec. Mantidae Taiwan, southern
    99 Tenodera superstitiosa Mantidae Madagascar, Toliary, Fort-Dauphin
    100 Metallyticus splendidus Metallyticidae Malaysia, Sultanate Pahang, Cameron Highlands
    101 Didymocorypha lanceolata Tarachodidae India, Goa, Canacona vic. Cabo de Rame
    102 Humbertiella spec. Liturgusidae India, Goa, Salcete vic. Colva and Betalbatim
    103 Creobroter pictipennis Hymenopodidae India, Goa, Salcete vic. Colva and Betalbatim
    104 Oxyopsis peruviana Mantidae Peru, Huánuco, Tingo María
    105 Orthodera novaezealandiae Mantidae New Zealand, 
    106 Hierodula spec. Mantidae India, Goa, Salcete vic. Colva and Betalbatim
    107 Amantis cf. nawai Mantidae Taiwan, Maolin National Scenic Area
    108 Tarachomantis spec. Mantidae Madagascar, Toliary, Fort-Dauphin
    109 Hestiasula brunneriana Hymenopodidae India, Goa, Canacona vic. Cabo de Rame
    110 Theopompa servillei Liturgusidae Indonesia, Java
    111 Plistospilota guineensis Mantidae Ghana, region of Volta
    112 Cheddikulama straminea Toxoderidae India, Goa, Salcete vic. Colva and Betalbatim
    113 Odontomantis spec. Hymenopodidae India, Goa, Salcete vic. Colva and Betalbatim
    114 Amantis spec. Mantidae India, Goa, Ponda vic. Usgao
    115 Schizocephala bicornis Mantidae India, Goa, Salcete vic. Colva and Betalbatim
    116 Dysaules spec. Tarachodidae India, Goa, Canacona vic. Cabo de Rame
    117 Deiphobe brevipennis Mantidae India, Goa, Salcete vic. Colva and Betalbatim
    118 Galinthias amoena Hymenopodidae Kenya, coastal region
    119 Rhombodera cf. stalii Mantidae Indonesia, Java
    120 Sphodromantis viridis Mantidae Marocco, North Marocco, Tanger
    121 Hierodula patellifera Mantidae Thailand, 
    122 Humbertiella spec. Liturgusidae Thailand, 
    123 Acromantis formosana Hymenopodidae Taiwan, 
    124 Tenodera superstitiosa Mantidae Cameroon, Sanaga Delta, Marienberg
    125 Hymenopus coronatus Hymenopodidae Indonesia, Java
    126 Odontomantis planiceps Hymenopodidae Taiwan, 
    127 Miomantis spec. 1 Mantidae Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro
    128 Rhombodera cf. basalis Mantidae Thailand, Krabi, Krabi
    129 Acromantis spec. Hymenopodidae Thailand, Krabi, Krabi
    130 Idolomantis diabolica Empusidae Kenya, coastal region, Malindi
    131 Miomantis spec. 2 Mantidae Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro
    132 Alalomantis muta Mantidae Cameroon, Campo-Ma'an
    133 Pyrgomantis spec. Tarachodidae South Africa, Gauteng, Johannisburg
    134 Miomantis cf. caffra Mantidae
    135 Hierodula majuscula Mantidae
    136 Sphodromantis ex. Nigeria Mantidae Nigeria, 
    137 Musonia surinama Thespidae Panama, Panama Canal, Gamboa
    138 Liturgusa spec. Liturgusidae Ecuador, province Oriente, Tena
    139 Miomantis cf. abyssinica Mantidae
    140 Deroplatys truncata Mantidae Malaysia, Tapah Hills
    141 Acontista spec. Acanthopidae Ecuador, Anden, western Andes
    142 Hierodula salomonis Mantidae Papua New Guniea, Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands
    143 Thesprotia graminis Thespidae USA, South USA
    144 Hierodula cf. patellifera Mantidae Taiwan, 
    145 Statilia maculata Mantidae Thailand, 
    146 Euchomenella macrops Mantidae Thailand, Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima
    147 Sibylla cf. pretiosa Sibyllidae Namibia, Etosha, Etosha
    148 Danuria thunbergi Mantidae South Africa, Gauteng, Johannisburg
    149 Phasmomantis sumichrasti Mantidae Mexico, Quintana Roo, Playa del Carmen
    150 Thespis spec. Thespidae Venezuela, Isla de Margarita, Guacuco
    151 Acanthops spec. Acanthopidae Venezuela, Isla de Margarita, Guacuco
    152 Angela cf. championi Mantidae Venezuela, Isla de Margarita, Guacuco
    153 Acontista multicolor Acanthopidae Venezuela, Isla de Margarita, Guacuco
    154 Stagmomantis spec. Mantidae Venezuela, Isla de Margarita, Guacuco
    155 Stagmatoptera biocellata Mantidae Venezuela, Isla de Margarita, Guacuco
    156 cf. Bantiella spec. Thespidae Venezuela, Isla de Margarita, Cerro El Copey NP
    157 Liturgusa spec. Liturgusidae Venezuela, Isla de Margarita, Guacuco
    158 Miomantis spec. Mantidae South Africa, southern Cape, southern Cape
    159 Parasphendale spec. Mantidae Tanzania, Ruvuma, Peramiho
    160 Metallyticus violaceus Metallyticidae Thailand, 
    161 Miomantis spec. Mantidae Namibia, Fish River Canyon, Fish River Canyon
    162 Decimiana bolivari Acanthopidae Paraguay, Canindeyú, Canindeyú
    163 Pseudogalepsus spec. Tarachodidae Tanzania, Usambara Mountains, Usambara Mountains
    164 Sphodromantis cf. aurea Mantidae Congo, 
    165 Parasphendale affinis Mantidae Tanzania, 
    166 Cilnia cf. humeralis Mantidae Namibia, Otjozondjupa, Otjiwarongo
    167 Idolomantis diabolica Empusidae Tanzania, 
    168 Thesprotia spec. Thespidae Venezuela, Isla de Margarita, Guacuco
    169 Cilnia cf. humeralis Mantidae South Africa, Gauteng, Johannisburg
    170 Mantoida spec. Mantodidae Venezuela, Isla de Margarita, Isla de Margarita
    171 Stagmomantis floridensis Mantidae USA, Florida
    172 Sphodromantis gastrica Mantidae Namibia, Etosha, Etosha
    173 Heterochaeta occidentalis Mantidae Namibia, Hardap Dam
    174 Creobroter sp. Hymenopodidae Malaysia, Tapah Hills, Tapah Hills
    175 Theopropus elegans Hymenopodidae Malaysia, Tapah Hills
    176 Omomantis zebrata Mantidae South Africa, 
    177 Gongylus gongylodes Empusidae India, 
    178 Pseudovates arizonae Mantidae USA, 
    179 Sphodromantis spec. Mantidae Tanzania, 
    180 Heterochaeta orientalis Mantidae Tanzania, 
    181 Acromantis sp. Hymenopodidae Malaysia, Tapah Hills
    182 Parasphendale sp. Mantidae Tanzania, 
    183 Idolomantis diabolica Empusidae Tanzania, 
    184 Popa spurca Mantidae Kenya, 
    185 Parasphendale sp. Mantidae Kenya, 
    186 Deroplatys lobata Mantidae Malaysia, Tapah Hills
    187 Hymenopus coronatus Hymenopodidae Malaysia, Tapah Hills
    188 Odontomantis sp. Hymenopodidae Singapore, 
    189 Statilia sp. Mantidae Malaysia, Malaysian Peninsula, Merapoh
    190 Chlidonoptera vexillum Hymenopodidae Kenya, coastal region
    191 Sibylla pretiosa Sibyllidae Kenya, coastal region
    192 Empusa pennata Empusidae Marocco, North Marocco, Azrou
    193 cf. Rhombodera sp. Mantidae Indonesia, Java
    194 Oxyopsis cf. gracilis Mantidae Paraguay, 
    195 Hierodula sp. Mantidae Nepal, 
    196 Rhombodera sp. Mantidae Thailand, Krabi, Krabi
    197 Tropidomantis spec. Iridopterygidae Thailand, Krabi, Krabi
    198 Idolomantis diabolica Empusidae Tanzania, 
    199 Rhombodera cf. longa Mantidae China, 
    200 Hierodula cf. multispina Mantidae China, 
    201 Popa spurca Mantidae South Africa, Johannesburg
    202 Sibylla pretiosa Sibyllidae South Africa, Johannesburg
    203 Archimantis latistyla Mantidae Australiydney
    204 Prohierodula picta Mantidae Cameroon, Yaoundé
    205 Blepharopsis mendica Empusidae Israel, 
    206 Gonatista grisea Liturgusidae USA, Florida
    207 Harpagomantis tricolor Hymenopodidae South Africa, Johannesburg
    208 Tropidomantis gressitti Iridopterygidae China, Hong-Kong, Hong-Kong
    209 Euantissa sinensis Hymenopodidae China, Hong-Kong, Hong-Kong
    210 Sinomantis denticulata Iridopterygidae China, Hong-Kong, Hong-Kong
    211 Creobroter cf. apicalis Hymenopodidae China, Yunnan
    212 Humbertiella spec. Liturgusidae Indiuducherry
    213 Orthoderella ornata Mantidae Paraguay, 
    214 Sphodromantis spec. "blue flash" Mantidae
    215 Odontomantis spec. Hymenopodidae Malaysia, W-Sarawak, Miri
    216 Sphodromantis viridis Mantidae Cyprus, 
    217 Sibylla pretiosa Sibyllidae South Africa, province North West
    218 Oxyopsis festae Mantidae Ecuador, Napo province, Archidona
    219 Choeradodis rhombicollis Mantidae Ecuador, Pichincha, Otongachi,
    220 Stagmomantis theophila Mantidae Ecuador, Pichincha, Otongachi,
    221 Otomantis spec. Hymenopodidae Cameroon, 
    222 Miomantis cf. caffra Mantidae South Africa, Johannesburg
    223 Sphodromantis cf. gastrica Mantidae South Africa, 
    224 Pseudogalepsus nigricoxa Tarachodidae Tanzania, Dar es Salam Region, Dar es Salam
    225 Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii Hymenopodidae Tanzania, Dar es Salam Region, Dar es Salam
    226 Miomantis binotata Mantidae South Africa, Limpopo province, Musina (Messina)
    227 Rhombodera sp. Mantidae Laos, Prov. Khammuan, Mahaxay
    228 Danuria cf. thunbergi Mantidae South Africa, Limpopo province, Musina (Messina)
    229 Eremiaphila sp. Eremiaphilidae Jordan, 
    230 Parymenopus davisoni Hymenopodidae Malaysia, Malaysian Peninsula, Merapoh
    231 Deroplatys trigonodera Mantidae Malaysia, W-Sarawak, Miri
    232 Hagiotata hofmanni Mantidae Paraguay, 
    233 Hierodula keralensis Mantidae India, Prov. Karnataka, Hampi
    234 Cilnia cf. humeralis Mantidae South Africa, Johannesburg
    235 Taumantis sigiana Mantidae Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro
    236 Neodanuria bolauana Mantidae Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro
    237 Danuria spec. Mantidae Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro
    238 Hierodula ventralis Mantidae India, Goa, near Colva
    239 Hypsicorypha gracilis Empusidae Spain, Canary Islands, Gran Canaria
    240 Blepharopsis mendica Empusidae Spain, Canary Islands, Gran Canaria
    241 Didymocorypha lanceolata Tarachodidae India, Goa, Cabo de Rama
    242 Ephestiasula pictipes Hymenopodidae India, Goa, Raia
    243 Humbertiella spec. Liturgusidae India, Prov. Karnataka, Hampi
    244 Parathespis sp. Thespidae India, Prov. Karnataka, Hampi
    245 Acromantis sp. Hymenopodidae Thailand, Krabi, Krabi
    246 Tropidomantis tenera Iridopterygidae Thailand, Krabi, Krabi
    247 Gimantis sp. Mantidae Thailand, Krabi, Krabi
    248 Amantis sp. Mantidae Thailand, Krabi, Krabi
    249 Euchomenella cf. heteroptera Mantidae Thailand, Krabi, Krabi
    250 Nilomantis floweri Iridopterygidae Oman, Dhofar, Ayn Hamran
    251 Omomantis zebrata Mantidae Tanzaniarime (mombo)
    252 Pseudocreobotra ocellata Hymenopodidae Ghana, Western Region
    253 Phyllothelys werneri Mantidae Taiwan, 
    254 Sphodropoda quinquedens Mantidae Australia, Queensland, near Mareeba
    255 Eremiaphila cf. cerisy Eremiaphilidae Oman, ad-Dachiliyya, Samra'
    256 Eremiaphila braueri Eremiaphilidae Oman, Dhofar, Muntasar
    257 Tarachodes spec. Tarachodidae Tanzaniusoma
    258 Microthespis dmitriewi Mantidae Oman, Dhofar, Mirbat
    259 Schizocephala bicornis Mantidae India, Goa
    260 Miomantis sp. Mantidae Kenya, coastal region, Malindi
    261 Parasphendale sp. Mantidae Kenya, coastal region, Malindi
    262 Idolomorpha sp. Empusidae Kenya, Marafa
    263 Popa spurca Mantidae Kenya, coastal region, Malindi
    264 Parasphendale sp. Mantidae Kenya, coastal region, Malindi
    265 Miomantis sp. Mantidae Kenya, coastal region, Malindi
    266 Idolomantis diabolica Empusidae Kenya, Marafa
    267 Acanthops erosula Acanthopidae Peru, San Martín, Tarapoto
    268 Asiadodis yunnanensis Mantidae Myanmar, Shan State, Hsipaw
    269 Humbertiella spec. Liturgusidae Myanmar, Mandalay Region, Bagan
    270 Phyllothelys breve Mantidae Myanmar, Mandalay Region, Bagan
    271 Acontista concinna Acanthopidae Peru, Estado Pasco, Pozuzo
    272 Phyllocrania paradoxa Hymenopodidae Kenya, coastal region, Malindi
    273 Sibylla pretiosa Sibyllidae Kenya, coastal region, Malindi
    274 Sphodromantis kersteni Mantidae Kenya, coastal region, Malindi
    275 Hypsicorypha gracilis Empusidae Tunisia, Djerba
    276 Blepharopsis mendica Empusidae Tunisia, Djerba
    277 Oxyothespis maroccana Mantidae Marocco, South-Marocco, Agadir
    278 Eremiaphila uvarovi Eremiaphilidae Jordan, middle east
    279 Otomantis spec. Hymenopodidae Kenya, Marafa
    280 Hestiasula spec. Hymenopodidae India, Tamil Nadu
    281 Creobroter spec. Hymenopodidae Thailand, Chiang Mai
    282 Ceratomantis saussurii Hymenopodidae Thailand, Chiang Mai
    283 Humbertiella spec. Liturgusidae Thailand, Chiang Mai
    284 Dystacta alticeps Mantidae Namibia, Waterberg
    285 Epaphrodita musarum Hymenopodidae Dominican Republic, La Altagracia, Punta Cana
    286 Rhombomantis fusca Mantidae Thailand, Chiang Mai
    287 Hierodula vitrea Mantidae Indonesia, Sumatra, .
    288 Hierodula quinquepatellata Mantidae Indonesia, Lombok
    289 Acanthops falcata Acanthopidae Panama, 
    290 Odontomantis spec. Hymenopodidae Vietnam, Ninh Bình, Cúc Phương
    291 Stenopyga extera Mantidae Cameroon, Littoral Province, Nkongsamba
    292 Phasmomantis sumichrasti Mantidae Mexico, Quintana Roo, Cancún
    293 Odontomantis cf. planiceps Hymenopodidae Thailand, Chiang Mai
    294 Creobroter urbanus Hymenopodidae Indonesia, Java, Bandung
    295 Hierodula sp. Mantidae Indonesia, Kalimantan, Borneo
    296 Hierodula purpurescens Mantidae Indonesia, Sulawesi
    297 Idolomantis diabolica Empusidae Tanzania, Dar es Salam Region, Dar es Salam
    298 Stagmatoptera hyaloptera Mantidae Uruguay, Laguna Merin, Puerto La Charqueada
    299 Photiomantis planicephala Mantidae Brazil, 
    300 Haania confusa Thespidae Malaysia, Malaysian Peninsula
    301 Decimiana hebardi Acanthopidae Bolivia, 
    302 Haania cf. vitalisi Thespidae China, Yunnan
    303 Eremiaphila spec. Eremiaphilidae India, Gujarat, Kharagoda