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Mantodea species list. Taxonomy tree of life

The following list of mantis genera and species is incomplete. It is based on the "Tree of Life Project", which is the primary (but not the only) reference for the taxonomy shown here. It will differ from those derived from taxonomic categorizations made before 2003.

The insect Order Mantodea consists of over 2,400 species in about 430 genera, of which a majority are in the family Mantidae. Formerly, only the family Mantidae was recognized within the order.

Note that in fsome cases, common names in the English language are loosely applied to several different members of a particular genus, or even for species in various genera. For example, "giant Asian mantis" is used for various members of Hierodula, "dead leaf mantis" may refer not only to various species of Deroplatys, but to all brown mantises that use leaf mimicry for camouflage. "flower mantis" refers to numerous mantises, especially those belonging to or similar to those of genus Creobroter, and so on



Genus Acanthops
Some members of this genus are known as dead leaf mantises or boxer mantises.

Adult female Acanthops falcataria
Adult female Acanthops falcataria
Acanthops bidens Hebard, 1922)
Acanthops brunneri Saussure, 1871)
Acanthops boliviana Chopard, 1916)
Acanthops royi Lombardo & Ippolito, 2004)
Acanthops centralis Lombardo & Ippolito, 2004)
Acanthops contorta Gerstaecker, 1889)
Acanthops falcataria Goeze, 1778) South American dead leaf mantis)
Acanthops falcata Stal, 1877) South American dead leaf mantis, boxer mantis)
Acanthops fuscifolia Olivier, 1792)
Acanthops erosa Serville, 1839)
Acanthops elegans Lombardo & Ippolito, 2004)
Acanthops erosula Stal, 1877)
Acanthops godmani Saussure & Zehntner, 1894)
Acanthops occidentalis Lombardo & Ippolito, 2004)
Acanthops onorei Lombardo & Ippolito, 2004)
Acanthops parafalcata Lombardo & Ippolito, 2004) South American dead leaf mantis)
Acanthops parva Beier, 1941)
Acanthops oukana Roy, 2002)
Acanthops tuberculata Saussure, 1870)
Genus Acontista
Acontista concinna
Acontista concinna
Acontista amazonica
Acontista amoenula
Acontista brevipennis
Acontista cayennensis
Acontista championi
Acontista chopardi
Acontista concinna
Acontista cordillerae
Acontista cubana
Acontista ecuadorica
Acontista eximia
Acontista festae
Acontista fraterna
Acontista inquinata
Acontista iriodes
Acontista maroniensis
Acontista mexicana
Acontista minima
Acontista multicolor
Acontista piracicabensis
Acontista quadrimaculata
Acontista rehni
Acontista semirufa
Acontista travassosi
Acontista vitrea
Genus Acromantis
Some species within this genus are known as boxer mantises or flower mantises.

Acromantis australis Saussure, 1871)
Acromantis dyaka Hebard, 1920)
Acromantis elegans Lombardo, 1993)
Acromantis formosana Shiraki, 1911) Taiwan flower mantis)
Acromantis gestri Giglio-Tos, 1915) Thai boxer mantis, Sumatran Acromantis)
Acromantis grandis Beier, 1930)
Acromantis hesione Stal, 1877)
Acromantis indica Giglio-Tos, 1915)
Acromantis insularis Giglio-Tos, 1915)
Acromantis japonica Westwood, 1889) Japanese boxer mantis)
Acromantis lilii Werner, 1922)
Acromantis luzonica Hebard, 1920)
Acromantis montana Giglio-Tos, 1915)
Acromantis moultoni Giglio-Tos, 1915)
Acromantis nicobarica Mukherjee, 1995)
Acromantis oligoneura Haan, 1942)
Acromantis palauana Beier, 1972)
Acromantis philippina Beier, 1966)
Acromantis satsumensis Matsumura, 1913)
Acromantis siporana Giglio-Tos, 1915)

Genus Aethalochroa
Members of this genus are commonly called stick mantises.

Aethalochroa affinis
Aethalochroa ashmoliana Iranian stick mantis)
Aethalochroa insignis Indian stick mantis)
Aethalochroa simplicipes
Aethalochroa spinipes
Genus Alalomantis
Alalomantis coxalis
Alalomantis muta Cameroon mantis)
Genus Amantis
Amantis species are native to Asia and the islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Amantis aeta
Amantis aliena
Amantis basilana
Amantis biroi
Amantis bolivarii
Amantis fuliginosa
Amantis fumosa
Amantis gestri
Amantis hainanensis
Amantis indica
Amantis irina
Amantis lofaoshanensis
Amantis longipennis
Amantis malabarensis
Amantis malayana
Amantis nawai
Amantis philippina
Amantis reticulata
Amantis saussurei
Amantis subirina
Amantis testacea
Amantis tristis
Amantis vitalisi
Amantis wuzhishana
Genus Ameles
Ameles spallanzania, the European dwarf mantis
Ameles spallanzania, the European dwarf mantis
Ameles is a wide-ranging genus found in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Ameles aegyptiaca
Ameles africana
Ameles arabica
Ameles assoi
Ameles crassinervis
Ameles cyprica
Ameles decolor
Ameles dumonti
Ameles fasciipennis
Ameles gracilis
Ameles heldreichi
Ameles kervillei
Ameles limbata
Ameles maroccana
Ameles modesta
Ameles moralesi
Ameles persa
Ameles picteti
Ameles poggii
Ameles spallanzania European dwarf mantis)
Ameles syriensis
Ameles taurica
Ameles wadisirhani
Genus Amorphoscelis
Amorphoscelis elegans
Amorphoscelis elegans
Amorphoscelis species are concentrated in Africa, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Amorphoscelis abyssinica
Amorphoscelis angolica
Amorphoscelis annulicornis
Amorphoscelis austrogermanica
Amorphoscelis borneana
Amorphoscelis brunneipennis
Amorphoscelis ceylonica
Amorphoscelis chinensis
Amorphoscelis chopardi
Amorphoscelis elegans
Amorphoscelis griffini
Amorphoscelis grisea
Amorphoscelis javana
Amorphoscelis lamottei
Amorphoscelis laxeretis
Amorphoscelis machadoi
Amorphoscelis naumanni
Amorphoscelis nigriventer
Amorphoscelis nubeculosa
Amorphoscelis opaca
Amorphoscelis orientalis
Amorphoscelis pallida
Amorphoscelis pantherina
Amorphoscelis papua
Amorphoscelis parva
Amorphoscelis pellucida
Amorphoscelis philippina
Amorphoscelis pulchella
Amorphoscelis pulchra
Amorphoscelis punctata
Amorphoscelis reticulata
Amorphoscelis rufula
Amorphoscelis siebersi
Amorphoscelis singaporana
Amorphoscelis spinosa
Amorphoscelis subnigra
Amorphoscelis tigrina
Amorphoscelis tuberculata
Amorphoscelis villiersi
Genus Amphecostephanus
Amphecostephanus rex
Genus Anaxarcha
Anaxarcha acuta
Anaxarcha graminea
Anaxarcha hyalina
Anaxarcha intermedia
Anaxarcha limbata
Anaxarcha sinensis
Anaxarcha tianmushanensis
Genus Angela
Angela armata
Angela brachyptera
Angela championi
Angela decolor
Angela guianensis Rehn, 1906)
Angela guianensis - Muséum de Toulouse
Angela guianensis - Muséum de Toulouse
Angela inermis
Angela lemoulti
Angela maxima
Angela minor
Angela miranda
Angela ornata
Angela perpulchra
Angela peruviana
Angela purpurascens
Angela quinquemaculata
Angela saussurii
Angela subhyalina
Angela trifasciata
Angela werneri
Genus Anoplosigerpes
Anoplosigerpes tessmanni
Genus Antistia
Antistia maculipennis
Antistia parva
Antistia robusta
Antistia vicina
Genus Anasigerpes
Anasigerpes amieti
Anasigerpes bifasciata
Anasigerpes centralis
Anasigerpes grilloti
Anasigerpes heydeni
Anasigerpes nigripes
Anasigerpes unifasciata
Genus Apterameles
Apterameles rammei
Genus Apteromantis
Apteromantis aptera
Apteromantis aptera
Apteromantis aptera
Apteromantis bolivari
Genus Archimantis
Archimantis monstrosa
Archimantis monstrosa
Archimantis species are common in Australia. Some are called stick mantises.

Archimantis armata
Archimantis brunneriana
Archimantis gracilis
Archimantis latistyla large brown mantis, Australian stick mantis)
Archimantis monstrosa monster mantis)
Archimantis quinquelobata
Archimantis sobrina
Archimantis straminea
Archimantis vittata
Genus Ariusia
Ariusia conspersa
Ariusia conspersa
Ariusia conspersa
Genus Asiadodis
Members of this genus are common known as shield mantises.

Asiadodis squilla Asian shield mantis)
Asiadodis yunnanensis
Genus Astape
Astape denticollis
Astape denticollis
Astape denticollis
Genus Astollia
Astollia chloris
Genus Attalia
Attalia philbyi
Genus Bactromantis
Bactromantis virga
Bactromantis virga
Bactromantis mexicana
Bactromantis parvula
Bactromantis tolteca
Bactromantis virga
Genus Bantia
Bantia michaelisi
Bantia michaelisi
Bantia chopardi
Bantia fusca
Bantia marmorata
Bantia metzi
Bantia michaelisi
Bantia nana
Bantia pygmea
Bantia simoni
Bantia werneri
Genus Bantiella
Bantiella fusca
Bantiella fusca
Bantiella columbina
Bantiella fusca
Bantiella hyalina
Bantiella pallida
Bantiella trinitatis
Genus Blepharodes
Blepharodes cornutus
Blepharodes cornutus
Blepharodes candelarius
Blepharodes cornutus
Blepharodes parumspinosus
Blepharodes sudanensis
Genus Blepharopsis
Blepharopsis mendica devil's flower mantis, Egyptian flower mantis, thistle mantis)
Genus Bolbe
Bolbe lowi
Bolbe maia
Bolbe nigra
Bolbe pallida
Bolbe pygmea
Genus Bolbena
Bolbena assimilis
Bolbena hottentotta
Bolbena maraisi
Bolbena minor
Bolbena orientalis
Bolbena minutissima
Genus Bolbula
Bolbula debilis
Bolbula exigua
Bolbula widenmanni
Genus Bolivaroscelis
Bolivaroscelis bolivarii
Bolivaroscelis carinata
Bolivaroscelis werneri
Genus Brunneria
Brunneria, species of which are known as stick mantises, are found in North America, Central America, and South America.

Brunneria borealis Brunner's mantis, Brunner's stick mantis, American stick mantis)
Brunneria brasiliensis Brazilian stick mantis)
Brunneria gracilis
Brunneria longa
Brunneria subaptera small-winged stick mantis)
Genus Brancsikia
Brancsikia simplex Beier, 1935)
Brancsikia freyi Brancsik, 1893)
Brancsikia aeroplana Lamberton, 1911)
Genus Calamothespis
Calamothespis adusta
Calamothespis condamini
Calamothespis lineatipennis
Calamothespis oxyops
Calamothespis rourei
Calamothespis subcornuta
Calamothespis taylori
Calamothespis vuattouxi
Genus Callimantis
Callimantis antillarum 5]
Genus Callibia
Callibia diana Stoll, 1813) 6]
Genus Carrikerella
Carrikerella ceratophora
Carrikerella ceratophora
Carrikerella ceratophora
Carrikerella empusa
Genus Catasigerpes
Catasigerpes acuminatus
Catasigerpes brunnerianus
Catasigerpes camerunensis
Catasigerpes congicus
Catasigerpes erlangeri
Catasigerpes granulatus
Catasigerpes jeanneli
Catasigerpes margarethae
Catasigerpes mortuifolia
Catasigerpes nigericus
Catasigerpes occidentalis
Catasigerpes toganus
Catasigerpes zernyi
Genus Caudatoscelis
Caudatoscelis annulipes
Caudatoscelis caudata
Caudatoscelis collarti
Caudatoscelis lagrecai
Caudatoscelis marmorata
Genus Ceratocrania
Ceratocrania macra
Genus Ceratomantis
Ceratomantis saussurii
Ceratomantis yunnanensis
Genus Chaeteessa
Chaeteessa burmeisteri
Chaeteessa caudata
Chaeteessa filata
Chaeteessa nana
Chaeteessa nigromarginata
Chaeteessa valida
Genus Chlidonoptera
Chlidonoptera vexillum
Chlidonoptera vexillum
Chlidonoptera chopardi
Chlidonoptera lestoni
Chlidonoptera vexillum
Chlidonoptera werneri
Genus Chloroharpax
Chloroharpax modesta Gerstaecker, 1883 7] Nigerian flower mantis)
Genus Choeradodis
Members of this genus are commonly known as shield mantises, hooded mantises, or leaf mantises.

Choeradodis columbica Columbian shield mantis)
Choeradodis rhombicollis Peruvian shield mantis)
Choeradodis rhomboidea tropical shield mantis, Hooded mantis, leaf mantis)
Choeradodis stalii tropical shield mantis, Hooded mantis, leaf mantis)
Choeradodis strumaria leaf mantis)
Genus Chrysomantis
Chrysomantis cachani
Chrysomantis centralis
Chrysomantis cervoides
Chrysomantis congica
Chrysomantis girardi
Chrysomantis royi
Chrysomantis speciosa
Chrysomantis tristis
Genus Cilnia
Cilnia chopardi
Cilnia humeralis wide-armed mantis)
Genus Citharomantis
Citharomantis falcata
Genus Ciulfina
Ciulfina baldersoni
Ciulfina biseriata
Ciulfina klassi
Ciulfina liturgusa
Ciulfina rentzi
Genus Cliomantis
Cliomantis cornuta
Cliomantis cornuta
Cliomantis cornuta
Cliomantis dispar
Cliomantis lateralis
Cliomantis obscura
Genus Compsomantis
Compsomantis ceylonica
Compsomantis crassiceps
Compsomantis mindoroensis
Compsomantis robusta
Compsomantis semirufula
Compsomantis tumidiceps
Genus Compsothespis
Compsothespis abyssinica
Compsothespis anomala
Compsothespis australiensis
Compsothespis brevipennis
Compsothespis cinnabarina
Compsothespis ebneri
Compsothespis falcifera
Compsothespis hispida
Compsothespis kilwana
Compsothespis marginipennis
Compsothespis michaelseni
Compsothespis natalica
Compsothespis occidentalis
Compsothespis zavattarii
Genus Congoharpax
Congoharpax aberrans
Congoharpax boulardi
Congoharpax coiffaiti
Congoharpax judithae
Genus Creobroter
With their wings adorned with patterns even when at rest, Creobroter, a genus concentrated in Western Asia, is one of the best-known genera to which the common name "flower mantis" is applied.

Creobroter elongatus
Creobroter fasciatus
Creobroter gemmatus jeweled flower mantis, Indian flower mantis)
Creobroter medanus
Creobroter meleagris
Creobroter nebulosus
Creobroter pictipennis Indian flower mantis)
Creobroter urbanus
Genus Danuria
Also known as giant grass mantises, these are characterised by long slender bodies and sloping, pointed eyes.

Danuria affinis
Danuria angusticollis
Danuria barbozae
Danuria buchholzi
Danuria congica
Danuria contorta
Danuria fusca
Danuria gracilis
Danuria impannosa
Danuria kilimandjarica
Danuria obscuripennis
Danuria serratodentata
Danuria sublineata
Danuria thunbergi
Genus Dactylopteryx
Dactylopteryx flexuosa
Dactylopteryx intermedia
Dactylopteryx orientalis
Genus Decimiana
Decimiana bolivari
Decimiana clavata
Decimiana hebardi
Decimiana rehni
Decimiana tessellata
Decimiana elliptica
Decimiana uvarov
Genus Deroplatys
Deroplatys desiccata
Deroplatys desiccata
Deroplatys, the best-known of the so-called dead leaf mantises, are native to Asia.

Deroplatys angustata Westwood, 1845)
Deroplatys cordata Fabricius, 1798)
Deroplatys desiccata Westwood, 1839) giant dead leaf mantis, Malaysian dead leaf mantis, dead leaf mantis)
Deroplatys gorochovi Anisyutkin, 1998)
Deroplatys indica Roy, 2007)
Deroplatys lobata Guérin-Méneville 1838) Malaysian dead leaf mantis, dead leaf mantis)
Deroplatys moultoni Giglio-Tos, 1917)
Deroplatys philippinica Werner, 1922) Philippines dead leaf mantis)
Deroplatys rhombica Brunner, 1897)
Deroplatys sarawaca Westwood, 1889)
Deroplatys shelfordi Kirby, 1903)
Deroplatys trigonodera Westwood, 1889) dead leaf mantis)
Deroplatys truncata Guerin-Meneville, 1843) dead leaf mantis)

Genus Diabantia
Diabantia minima
Diabantia perparva
Genus Dilatempusa
Dilatempusa aegyptiaca Giglio-Tos, 1917) 9]
Genus Dysaules
Dysaules brevipennis
Dysaules himalayanus
Dysaules longicollis
Dysaules uvana
Genus Empusa
Empusa fasciata
Empusa fasciata
Empusa binotata
Empusa fasciata
Empusa guttula
Empusa hedenborgii
Empusa longicollis
Empusa pauperata
Empusa pennata conehead mantis, also Spanish mantis palo meaning "wood mantis")
Empusa pennicornis
Empusa romboidea
Empusa spinosa
Empusa simonyi
Empusa uvarovi
Genus Epaphrodita
Epaphrodita lobivertex
Epaphrodita musarum
Epaphrodita undulata
Genus Ephestiasula
Ephestiasula sp.
Ephestiasula sp.
Ephestiasula amoena
Ephestiasula intermedia
Ephestiasula pictipes
Genus Ephippiomantis
Ephippiomantis ophirensis
Genus Episcopomantis
Episcopomantis chalybea
Episcopomantis chalybea
Episcopomantis chalybea
Episcopomantis congica
Genus Epsomantis
Epsomantis tortricoides de Haan, 1842)
Genus Eremiaphila
Eremiaphila cerisyi
Eremiaphila cerisyi
Eremiaphila ammonita
Eremiaphila andresi
Eremiaphila anubis
Eremiaphila arabica
Eremiaphila aristidis
Eremiaphila audouini
Eremiaphila barbara
Eremiaphila berndstiewi
Eremiaphila bifasciata
Eremiaphila bovei
Eremiaphila braueri
Eremiaphila brevipennis
Eremiaphila brunneri common desert mantis)
Eremiaphila cairina
Eremiaphila cerisyi
Eremiaphila collenettei
Eremiaphila cordofan
Eremiaphila cycloptera
Eremiaphila dentata
Eremiaphila denticollis
Eremiaphila foureaui
Eremiaphila fraseri
Eremiaphila genei
Eremiaphila gigas
Eremiaphila hebraica
Eremiaphila hedenborgii
Eremiaphila heluanensis
Eremiaphila hralili
Eremiaphila irridipennis
Eremiaphila khamsin
Eremiaphila kheych
Eremiaphila klunzingeri
Eremiaphila laeviceps
Eremiaphila lefebvrii
Eremiaphila luxor
Eremiaphila maculipennis
Eremiaphila monodi
Eremiaphila moreti
Eremiaphila murati
Eremiaphila mzabi
Eremiaphila nilotica
Eremiaphila nova
Eremiaphila numida
Eremiaphila persica
Eremiaphila petiti
Eremiaphila pierrei
Eremiaphila pyramidum
Eremiaphila rectangulata
Eremiaphila reticulata
Eremiaphila rohlfsi
Eremiaphila rotundipennis
Eremiaphila rufipennis
Eremiaphila rufula
Eremiaphila savignyi
Eremiaphila somalica
Eremiaphila spinulosa
Eremiaphila tuberculifera
Eremiaphila turica
Eremiaphila typhon
Eremiaphila uvarovi
Eremiaphila voltaensis
Eremiaphila werneri
Eremiaphila wettsteini
Eremiaphila yemenita
Eremiaphila zetterstedti desert pebble mantis)
Eremiaphila zolotarevskyi
Genus Euantissa
Euantissa ornata
Euantissa pulchra
Euantissa sinensis
Genus Euchomenella
Members of this genus are known as long neck mantises or twig mantises.

Euchomenella moluccarum
Euchomenella moluccarum
Euchomenella apicalis
Euchomenella heteroptera twig mantis, Malaysia long neck mantis)
Euchomenella indica
Euchomenella macrops long neck mantis)
Euchomenella matilei
Euchomenella moluccarum
Euchomenella pallida
Euchomenella thoracica
Genus Euthyphleps
Euthyphleps curtipes
Euthyphleps rectivenis
Euthyphleps tectiformis
Genus Exparoxypilus
Exparoxypilus africanus
Genus Galinthias
Galinthias amoena
Galinthias amoena
Galinthias amoena
Galinthias meruensis
Galinthias occidentalis
Galinthias philbyi Uvarov, 1936)
Galinthias rhomboidalis Roy & Stiewe, 2014) 10]
Genus Gigliotoscelis
Gigliotoscelis simulans
Genus Gimantis
Gimantis authaemon
Gimantis insularis
Genus Gonatista
Gonatista grisea grizzled mantis, lichen mimic)
Gonatista jaiba
Gonatista major
Gonatista phryganoides
Gonatista reticulata
Genus Gongylus
Gongylus gongylodes
Gongylus gongylodes
Gongylus gongylodes wandering violin mantis, Indian rose mantis)
Gongylus trachelophyllus
Genus Gonypetyllis
Gonypetyllis semuncialis
Genus Gyromantis
The two members of this genus are commonly known as bark mantises.

Gyromantis kraussii spiny bark mantis)
Gyromantis occidentalis eastern bark mantis)
Genus Haania
Haania aspera
Haania borneana
Haania confusa
Haania doroshenkoi
Haania lobiceps
Haania philippina
Haania simplex
Haania vitalisi
Genus Hagiomantis
Hagiomantis fluminensis
Hagiomantis ornata
Hagiomantis pallida
Hagiomantis parva
Hagiomantis superba
Hagiomantis surinamensis
Genus Hapalogymnes
Hapalogymnes gymnes
Genus Hapalomantis
Hapalomantis abyssinica
Hapalomantis congica
Hapalomantis lacualis
Hapalomantis minima
Hapalomantis orba
Hapalomantis rhombochir
Genus Heliomantis
Heliomantis elegans
Heliomantis latipennis
Genus Helvia
Helvia cardinalis
Genus Hemiempusa
Hemiempusa capensis
Genus Hestiasula
Hestiasula basinigra
Hestiasula brunneriana
Hestiasula castetsi
Hestiasula ceylonica
Hestiasula gyldenstolpei
Hestiasula hoffmanni
Hestiasula inermis
Hestiasula javana
Hestiasula kaestneri
Hestiasula major
Hestiasula masoni
Hestiasula moultoni
Hestiasula nigrofemorata
Hestiasula nitida
Hestiasula phyllopus
Hestiasula rogenhoferi
Hestiasula seminigra
Hestiasula woodi
Hestiasula zhejiangensis
Genus Heteronutarsus
Heteronutarsus aegyptiacus
Heteronutarsus albipennis
Genus Hierodula
Hierodula patellifera
Hierodula patellifera
The giant Asian mantis genus Hierodula contains numerous large species and has a range that stretches from India to Hawaii.

Hierodula ansusana
Hierodula aruana
Hierodula assamensis
Hierodula atrocoxata
Hierodula beieri
Hierodula bhamoana
Hierodula biaka
Hierodula borneana
Hierodula brunnea
Hierodula chinensis
Hierodula coarctata
Hierodula cuchingina
Hierodula daqingshanensis
Hierodula dolichoptera
Hierodula doveri
Hierodula dubia
Hierodula dyaka
Hierodula everetti
Hierodula excellens
Hierodula formosana
Hierodula fruhstorferi
Hierodula fumipennis
Hierodula fuscescens
Hierodula gigliotosi
Hierodula gracilicollis
Hierodula grandis giant Asian mantis, giant Indian mantis)
Hierodula harpyia
Hierodula heinrichi
Hierodula heteroptera
Hierodula immaculifemorata
Hierodula inconspicua
Hierodula ingens
Hierodula jobina
Hierodula kapaurana
Hierodula keralensis
Hierodula laevicollis
Hierodula lamasonga
Hierodula latipennis
Hierodula longedentata
Hierodula macrosticmata
Hierodula maculisternum
Hierodula majuscula
Hierodula malaya
Hierodula membranacea giant Asian mantis, Sri Lanka mantis, green mantis)
Hierodula microdon
Hierodula mindanensis
Hierodula modesta
Hierodula monochroa
Hierodula multispina
Hierodula multispinulosa
Hierodula nicobarica
Hierodula obiensis
Hierodula obtusata
Hierodula oraea
Hierodula papua
Hierodula parviceps
Hierodula patellifera giant Asian mantis)
Hierodula perakana
Hierodula philippina
Hierodula prosternalis
Hierodula pulchra
Hierodula pulchripes
Hierodula purpurescens
Hierodula pustulifera
Hierodula pygmaea
Hierodula quadridens
Hierodula quadripunctata
Hierodula quinquepatellata
Hierodula rajah
Hierodula ralumina
Hierodula rufomaculata
Hierodula rufopatellata
Hierodula salomonis jade mantis)
Hierodula sarsinorum
Hierodula schultzei
Hierodula simbangana
Hierodula similis
Hierodula siporana
Hierodula sorongana
Hierodula sternosticta
Hierodula striata
Hierodula striatipes
Hierodula szentivanyi
Hierodula tenuidentata
Hierodula tenuis
Hierodula timorensis
Hierodula togiana
Hierodula tonkinensis
Hierodula tornica
Hierodula transcaucasica
Hierodula trimaculata
Hierodula unimaculata
Hierodula venosa
Hierodula ventralis
Hierodula versicolor
Hierodula viridis giant Asian mantis, bush mantis)
Hierodula vitreoides
Hierodula werneri
Hierodula xishaensis
Hierodula yunnanensis
Genus Holaptilon
Holaptilon pusillulum jumping mantis)
Genus Hoplocoryphella
Hoplocoryphella grandis
Genus Hoplocorypha
Hoplocorypha macra
Hoplocorypha macra
Members of this genus are known collectively as African stick mantises.

Hoplocorypha acuta
Hoplocorypha bicornis
Hoplocorypha boromensis
Hoplocorypha bottegi
Hoplocorypha boviformis
Hoplocorypha brevicollis
Hoplocorypha cacomana
Hoplocorypha carli
Hoplocorypha congica
Hoplocorypha dentata
Hoplocorypha distinguenda
Hoplocorypha foliata
Hoplocorypha fumosa
Hoplocorypha galeata
Hoplocorypha garuana
Hoplocorypha hamulifera
Hoplocorypha lacualis
Hoplocorypha lobata
Hoplocorypha macra
Hoplocorypha mellea
Hoplocorypha nana
Hoplocorypha narocana
Hoplocorypha nigerica
Hoplocorypha nigra
Hoplocorypha perplexa
Hoplocorypha picea
Hoplocorypha punctata
Hoplocorypha rapax
Hoplocorypha salfii
Hoplocorypha saussurii
Hoplocorypha striata
Hoplocorypha turneri
Hoplocorypha ugandana
Hoplocorypha vittata
Hoplocorypha wittei
Genus Hymenopus
Hymenopus species are commonly called orchid mantises.

Hymenopus bicornis Latreille, 1807)
Hymenopus coronatus Malaysian orchid mantis, orchid mantis)
Hymenopus coronatoides
Genus Hypsicorypha
Hypsicorypha gracilis
Genus Idolomantis
Idolomantis diabolica Saussure, 1869) giant devil's flower mantis, devil's flower mantis)
Genus Idolomorpha
Idolomorpha dentifrons alien head mantis)
Idolomorpha lateralis
Idolomorpha madagascariensis
Idolomorpha sagitta
Genus Ilomantis
Ilomantis ginsburgae
Ilomantis thalassina
Genus Iris
Iris oratoria
Iris oratoria
Iris coeca
Iris deserti
Iris fasciata
Iris insolita
Iris minima
Iris nana
Iris narzykulovi
Iris oratoria Mediterranean mantis)
Iris orientalis
Iris persa
Iris pitcheri
Iris polystictica
Iris senegalensis
Iris splendida
Genus Junodia
Junodia amoena
Junodia beieri
Junodia congicus
Junodia hararensis
Junodia lameyi
Junodia maculata
Junodia spinosa
Junodia strigipennis
Junodia vansomereni
Genus Kongobatha
Kongobatha diademata
Kongobatha papua
Genus Lagrecacanthops
Lagrecacanthops brasiliensis
Lagrecacanthops guyanensis
Genus Litaneutria
Litaneutria, a genus of ground mantises, is native to North America.

Litaneutria borealis
Litaneutria longipennis
Litaneutria minor minor ground mantis)
Litaneutria obscura
Litaneutria ocularis
Litaneutria pacifica
Litaneutria skinneri Skinner's ground mantis)
Genus Liturgusa
Liturgusa actuosa
Liturgusa algorei
Liturgusa annulipes
Liturgusa atricoxata
Liturgusa cayennensis
Liturgusa charpentieri
Liturgusa cursor
Liturgusa guyanensis
Liturgusa krattorum
Liturgusa lichenalis
Liturgusa maya
Liturgusa mesopoda
Liturgusa nubeculosa
Liturgusa parva
Liturgusa peruviana
Liturgusa sinvalnetoi
Genus Maculatoscelis
Maculatoscelis ascalaphoides
Maculatoscelis gilloni
Maculatoscelis maculata
Genus Macromantis
Macromantis hyalina
Macromantis nicaraguae
Macromantis ovalifolia
Macromantis saussurei
Genus Majanga
Majanga basilaris
Majanga spinosa
Majanga tricolor
Genus Majangella
Majangella carli
Majangella moultoni
Genus Mantillica
Mantillica beieri
Mantillica nigricans
Mantillica sialidea
Genus Mantis
Mantis octospilota eight-spotted mantis, blackbarrel mantis) 11]
Mantis religiosa European mantis)
Genus Mantoida
Mantoida nitida
Mantoida nitida
This genus is concentrated in Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Mantoida argentinae
Mantoida brunneriana
Mantoida fulgidipennis
Mantoida luteola
Mantoida maya little Yucatán mantis)
Mantoida nitida
Mantoida ronderosi
Mantoida schraderi
Mantoida tenuis
Genus Mesopteryx
Mesopteryx alata Saussure, 1870)
Mesopteryx platycephala Stal, 1877)
Mesopteryx robusta Wood-Mason, 1882)

Genus Metacromantis
Metacromantis oxyops
Genus Metagalepsus
Metagalepsus occidentalis
Metagalepsus stramineus
Genus Metallyticus
Metallyticus splendidus
Metallyticus splendidus
Metallyticus fallax
Metallyticus pallipes
Metallyticus semiaeneus
Metallyticus splendidus
Metallyticus violaceus
Genus Metilia
Metilia amazonica Beier, 1930) 13]
Metilia boliviana Werner, 1927) 14]
Metilia brunnerii Saussure, 1871) 15]
Metilia brunnerii - Muséum de Toulouse
Metilia brunnerii - Muséum de Toulouse
Genus Metoxypilus
Metoxypilus costalis
Metoxypilus lobifrons
Metoxypilus spinosus
Metoxypilus werneri
Genus Mimomantis
Mimomantis milloti
Genus Miomantis
Miomantis abyssinica Egyptian mantis, Ethiopian mantis)
Miomantis acutipes
Miomantis affinis
Miomantis alata
Miomantis amanica
Miomantis andreinii
Miomantis annulipes
Miomantis arabica
Miomantis aurantiaca
Miomantis aurea
Miomantis binotata
Miomantis bintumanensis
Miomantis brachyptera
Miomantis brevipennis
Miomantis brunni
Miomantis buettneri
Miomantis caffra South African mantis, springbok mantis)
Miomantis cinnabarina
Miomantis ciprianii
Miomantis coxalis
Miomantis devylderi
Miomantis diademata
Miomantis ehrenbergi
Miomantis equalis
Miomantis exilis
Miomantis fallax
Miomantis feminina
Miomantis fenestrata
Miomantis griffinii
Miomantis gyldenstolpei
Miomantis helenae
Miomantis kibweziana
Miomantis kilimandjarica
Miomantis lacualis
Miomantis lamtoensis
Miomantis longicollis
Miomantis menelikii
Miomantis milmilena
Miomantis minuta
Miomantis misana
Miomantis mombasica
Miomantis monacha
Miomantis montana
Miomantis multipunctata
Miomantis nairobiensis
Miomantis natalica
Miomantis ornata
Miomantis paykullii
Miomantis paykullii
Miomantis paykullii Egyptian mantis)
Miomantis pellucida
Miomantis planivertex
Miomantis prasina
Miomantis preussi
Miomantis pygmaea
Miomantis quadripunctata
Miomantis rebeli
Miomantis rehni
Miomantis rouxi
Miomantis rubra
Miomantis sangarana
Miomantis saussurei
Miomantis scabricollis
Miomantis semialata
Miomantis sjoestedti
Miomantis steelae
Miomantis tangana
Miomantis tenuis
Miomantis togana
Miomantis usambarica
Miomantis vitrea
Miomantis wittei
Genus Miracanthops
Miracanthops lombardoi
Miracanthops poulaini
Genus Myrmecomantis
The single species in this genus is an ant mantis.

Myrmecomantis atra
Myrmecomantis atra
Myrmecomantis atra ant mantis)
Genus Nanomantis
Nanomantis australis
Nanomantis gilolae
Nanomantis lactea
Nanomantis yunnanensis
Genus Negromantis
Negromantis gracilis
Negromantis gracillima
Negromantis lutescens
Negromantis modesta
Genus Nemotha
Nemotha coomani
Nemotha metallica
Nemotha mirabilis
Genus Neomantis
Neomantis australis
Neomantis australis
Neomantis australis
Neomantis hyalina
Neomantis robusta
Genus Nesogalepsus
Nesogalepsus andriai
Nesogalepsus beieri
Nesogalepsus conspersus
Nesogalepsus hova
Nesogalepsus madagascariensis
Nesogalepsus sikorai
Nesogalepsus tuberculatus
Genus Nesoxypilus
Nesoxypilus albomaculatus
Nesoxypilus pseudomyrmex
Genus Nilomantis
Nilomantis edmundsi
Nilomantis floweri
Genus Odontomantis
Some members of this genus practice ant mimicry when young and are known as ant mantises. The name grass mantis has also been applied to some species.

Odontomantis brachyptera
Odontomantis buehleri
Odontomantis chayuensis
Odontomantis euphrosyne
Odontomantis foveafrons
Odontomantis hainana
Odontomantis laticollis
Odontomantis longipennis
Odontomantis micans
Odontomantis montana
Odontomantis monticola
Odontomantis nigrimarginalis
Odontomantis parva
Odontomantis planiceps Asian ant mantis, grass mantis)
Odontomantis rhyssa
Odontomantis xizangensis
Genus Oligomantis
Oligomantis hyalina
Oligomantis mentaweiana
Oligomantis orientalis
Genus Oligonicella
Oligonicella bolliana
Oligonicella bolliana
Oligonicella bolliana
Oligonicella brunneri
Oligonicella punctulata
Oligonicella scudderi
Oligonicella striolata
Oligonicella tessellata
Oligonicella mexicana slim Mexican mantis)
Genus Oligonyx
Oligonyx bicornis
Oligonyx bidens
Oligonyx dohrnianus
Oligonyx insularis
Oligonyx maya
Genus Orthodera
Orthodera gunnii
Orthodera insularis
Orthodera ministralis garden mantis)
Orthodera novaezealandiae New Zealand mantis)
Orthodera rubrocoxata
Genus Otomantis
Some species within this genus are known as boxer mantises.

Otomantis aurita
Otomantis capirica
Otomantis casaica
Otomantis rendalli
Otomantis scutigera
Genus Oxyelaea
Oxyelaea elegans
Oxyelaea heteromorpha
Oxyelaea stefaniae
Genus Oxyophthalma
Oxyophthalma engaea
Oxyophthalma giraffa
Oxyophthalma gracilis
Genus Oxyophthalmellus
Oxyophthalmellus rehni
Oxyophthalmellus somalicus
Genus Oxyopsis
Oxyopsis acutipennis
Oxyopsis festae
Oxyopsis gracilis South American green mantis)
Oxyopsis lobeter
Oxyopsis media
Oxyopsis obtusa
Oxyopsis oculea
Oxyopsis peruviana Peruvian mantis)
Oxyopsis rubicunda
Oxyopsis saussurei
Oxyopsis stali
Genus Oxyothespis
Members of this genus have been called grass mantises.

Oxyothespis acuticeps
Oxyothespis alata
Oxyothespis apostata
Oxyothespis bifurcata
Oxyothespis brevicollis
Oxyothespis brevipennis
Oxyothespis dumonti North African grass mantis)
Oxyothespis flavipennis
Oxyothespis longicollis
Oxyothespis longipennis
Oxyothespis mammillata
Oxyothespis maroccana
Oxyothespis meridionalis
Oxyothespis nilotica
Oxyothespis noctivaga
Oxyothespis parva
Oxyothespis pellucida
Oxyothespis persica
Oxyothespis philbyi
Oxyothespis senegalensis
Oxyothespis sudanensis
Oxyothespis tricolor
Oxyothespis villiersi
Oxyothespis wagneri
Genus Oxypiloidea
Oxypiloidea subcornuta
Oxypiloidea tridens
Genus Oxypilus
Boxer mantises are within this genus.

Oxypilus distinctus Gambian boxer mantis)
Genus Pachymantis
Pachymantis bicingulata
Pachymantis bicingulata
Pachymantis bicingulata
Pachymantis dohertii
Genus Panurgica
Panurgica basilewskyi
Panurgica compressicollis
Panurgica duplex
Panurgica feae
Panurgica fratercula
Panurgica fusca
Panurgica langi
Panurgica liberiana
Panurgica mende
Panurgica rehni
Genus Papubolbe
Papubolbe curvidens
Papubolbe eximia
Papubolbe flava
Papubolbe gressitti
Papubolbe longipennis
Papubolbe picea
Genus Papugalepsus
Papugalepsus alatus
Papugalepsus elongatus
Genus Parablepharis
Parablepharis kuhlii
Genus Paramantis
Paramantis natalensis
Paramantis nyassana
Paramantis prasina
Paramantis sacra
Paramantis togana
Paramantis victoriana
Paramantis viridis
Genus Paramorphoscelis
Paramorphoscelis gondokorensis
Genus Parasphendale
Parasphendale affinis budwing mantis)
Parasphendale africana
Parasphendale agrionina budwing mantis)
Parasphendale albicosta
Parasphendale costalis
Parasphendale ghindana
Parasphendale minor
Parasphendale scioana
Parasphendale stali
Genus Parahestiasula
Parahestiasula obscura
Genus Parastagmatoptera
Parastagmatoptera flavoguttata
Parastagmatoptera flavoguttata - Muséum de Toulouse
Parastagmatoptera flavoguttata - Muséum de Toulouse
Parastagmatoptera serricornis
Parastagmatoptera serricornis - Muséum de Toulouse
Parastagmatoptera serricornis - Muséum de Toulouse
Genus Paratoxodera
Paratoxodera is a genus of stick mantises.

Paratoxodera borneana Borneo stick mantis)
Paratoxodera cornicollis giant Malaysian stick mantis)
Paratoxodera meggitti
Paratoxodera pluto
Genus Paroxyophthalmus
Paroxyophthalmus collaris
Paroxyophthalmus collaris
Paroxyophthalmus collaris
Paroxyophthalmus nigericus
Paroxyophthalmus ornatus
Paroxyophthalmus savatieri
Genus Paramorphoscelis
Paramorphoscelis gondokorensis
Genus Paratithrone
Paratithrone royi
Genus Paraoxypilus
Paraoxypilus armatus
Paraoxypilus distinctus
Paraoxypilus flavifemur
Paraoxypilus insularis
Paraoxypilus kimberleyensis
Paraoxypilus laticollis
Paraoxypilus tasmaniensis
Paraoxypilus verreauxii
Genus Pareuthyphlebs
Pareuthyphlebs arabica
Pareuthyphlebs occidentalis
Pareuthyphlebs palmonii
Pareuthyphlebs popovi
Pareuthyphlebs scorteccii
Pareuthyphlebs somalica
Pareuthyphlebs uvarovi
Genus Parymenopus
Parymenopus davisoni Wood-Mason, 1890) Davidson's mantis, yellow flower mantis)
Genus Perlamantis
Perlamantis allibertii
Perlamantis allibertii
Perlamantis algerica
Perlamantis allibertii
Genus Pezomantis
Pezomantis henryi
Genus Phasmomantis
Phasmomantis basalis Giglio-Tos, 1917)
Phasmomantis championi Saussure & Zehntner, 1894)
Phasmomantis sumichrasti Saussure, 1861)

Genus Phthersigena
Phthersigena conspersa
Phthersigena conspersa
Phthersigena centralis
Phthersigena conspersa
Phthersigena insularis
Phthersigena melania
Phthersigena minor
Phthersigena nebulosa
Phthersigena timorensis
Phthersigena unicornis
Genus Phyllocrania
Phyllocrania illudens Saussure & Zehntner, 1895)
Phyllocrania insignis Westwood, 1843)
Phyllocrania paradoxa Burmeister, 1838) ghost mantis)
Genus Phyllovates
Species of unicorn mantis are within this genus.

Phyllovates brasiliensis
Phyllovates brevicornis
Phyllovates chlorophaea Texas unicorn mantis, Mexican unicorn mantis)
Phyllovates cingulata
Phyllovates cornuta
Phyllovates iheringi
Phyllovates maya
Phyllovates minor
Phyllovates parallela
Phyllovates parvula
Phyllovates spinicollis
Phyllovates tripunctata
Genus Pnigomantis
This genus has a species of shield mantis.

Pnigomantis medioconstricta Indonesia double shield mantis, double shield mantis)
Genus Pogonogaster
Pogonogaster latens
Pogonogaster tristani
Genus Polyspilota
Polyspilota aeruginosa, the Madagascan marbled mantis
Polyspilota aeruginosa, the Madagascan marbled mantis
Polyspilota aeruginosa Madagascan marbled mantis)
Polyspilota caffra
Polyspilota comorana
Polyspilota griffinii Griffin mantis)
Polyspilota magna
Polyspilota montana
Polyspilota pavani
Polyspilota robusta
Polyspilota seychelliana
Polyspilota voelzkowiana
Genus Popa
This genus has one species of twig mantis popular in captivity.

Popa spurca African twig mantis)
Genus Pseudacanthops
Pseudacanthops angulata
Pseudacanthops caelebs
Pseudacanthops lobipes
Pseudacanthops spinulosa
Genus Pseudempusa
Pseudempusa pavonina
Pseudempusa pinnapavonis peacock mantis)
Genus Pseudocreobotra
This genus contains several species of flower mantises.

Pseudocreobotra amarae
Pseudocreobotra ocellata pcellated spiny flower mantis, spiny flower mantis)
Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii Walhbergi's spiny flower mantis, spiny flower mantis)
Genus Pseudoharpax
Pseudoharpax virescens mating
Pseudoharpax virescens mating
Pseudoharpax abyssinicus Beier, 1930)
Pseudoharpax beieri La Greca, 1950)
Pseudoharpax crenaticollis La Greca, 1954)
Pseudoharpax dubius La Greca, 1954)
Pseudoharpax erythraeus Giglio-Tos, 1915)
Pseudoharpax francoisi Bolivar, 1908)
Pseudoharpax nigericus Giglio-Tos, 1915)
Pseudoharpax parallelus La Greca, 1954)
Pseudoharpax ugandanus Giglio-Tos, 1915)
Pseudoharpax virescens Serville, 1839) Gambian spotted-eye flower mantis )
Genus Pseudomantis
Pseudomantis albofimbriata Stal, 1860) false garden mantis)
Pseudomantis albomarginata Sjostedt, 1918)
Pseudomantis apicalis Saussure, 1870)
Pseudomantis dimorpha Werner, 1912)
Pseudomantis hartmeyeri Werner, 1912)
Pseudomantis victorina Westwood, 1889)
Pseudomantis maculata Saussure, 1872)
Genus Pseudomusonia
Pseudomusonia lineativentri
Pseudomusonia lineativentri
Pseudomusonia fera
Pseudomusonia lineativentris
Pseudomusonia maculosa
Pseudomusonia rapax
Genus Pseudopogonogaster
Pseudopogonogaster mirabilis
Genus Pseudovates
Some species within this genus are known as unicorn mantises or stick mantises.

Pseudovates arizonae Arizona unicorn mantis)
Pseudovates bidens
Pseudovates denticulata
Pseudovates hyalostigma
Pseudovates longicollis
Pseudovates paraensis
Pseudovates peruviana Peruvian stick mantis)
Pseudovates tolteca
Pseudovates townsendi
Genus Pseudoyersinia
This genus is named for its similarity to genus Yersiniops.

Pseudoyersinia betancuriae
Pseudoyersinia brevipennis
Pseudoyersinia canariensis
Pseudoyersinia inaspectata
Pseudoyersinia kabilica
Pseudoyersinia lagrecai
Pseudoyersinia occidentalis
Pseudoyersinia paui
Pseudoyersinia pilipes
Pseudoyersinia salvinae
Pseudoyersinia subaptera
Pseudoyersinia teydeana
Genus Psychomantis
Psychomantis borneensis
Psychomantis malayensis
Genus Pyrgomantis
Pyrgomantis pallida
Pyrgomantis pallida
Pyrgomantis bisignata
Pyrgomantis congica
Pyrgomantis fasciata
Pyrgomantis jonesi
Pyrgomantis mabuia
Pyrgomantis mitrata
Pyrgomantis nasuta
Pyrgomantis ornatipes
Pyrgomantis pallida
Pyrgomantis rhodesica
Pyrgomantis runifera
Pyrgomantis signatifrons
Pyrgomantis simillima
Pyrgomantis singularis
Pyrgomantis wellmanni
Genus Raptrix
Raptrix fusca
Raptrix fuscata
Raptrix intermedia
Raptrix occidentalis
Raptrix perspicua
Raptrix perspicua - Muséum de Toulouse
Raptrix perspicua - Muséum de Toulouse
Genus Rhomantis
Rhomantis moultoni
Genus Rhombodera
Rhombodera is a large genus of shield mantises.

Rhombodera basalis giant Malaysian shield mantis)
Rhombodera boschmai
Rhombodera brachynota
Rhombodera butleri
Rhombodera crassa
Rhombodera doriana
Rhombodera extensicollis giant shield mantis)
Rhombodera extraordinaria
Rhombodera flava
Rhombodera fratricida
Rhombodera fusca
Rhombodera handschini
Rhombodera javana
Rhombodera keiana
Rhombodera kirbyi
Rhombodera laticollis
Rhombodera latipronotum
Rhombodera lingulata
Rhombodera megaera giant shield mantis)
Rhombodera mjoebergi
Rhombodera morokana
Rhombodera ornatipes
Rhombodera palawanensis
Rhombodera papuana
Rhombodera rennellana
Rhombodera rollei
Rhombodera sjoestedti
Rhombodera stalii
Rhombodera taprobana
Rhombodera tectiformis
Rhombodera titania
Rhombodera valida
Rhombodera woodmasoni
Rhombodera zhangi
Genus Rivetina
Rivetina is a genus containing species of ground mantis.

Rivetina asiatica
Rivetina baetica ground mantis)
Rivetina balcanica
Rivetina beybienkoi
Rivetina buettikeri
Rivetina byblica
Rivetina caucasica
Rivetina compacta
Rivetina crassa
Rivetina dentata
Rivetina deserta
Rivetina dolichoptera
Rivetina elegans
Rivetina excellens
Rivetina gigantea
Rivetina inermis
Rivetina karadumi
Rivetina karateginica
Rivetina laticollis
Rivetina monticola
Rivetina nana
Rivetina pallida
Rivetina parva
Rivetina pulisangini
Rivetina rhombicollis
Rivetina similis
Rivetina syriaca
Rivetina tarda
Rivetina varsobica
Genus Sceptuchus
Sceptuchus baehri
Sceptuchus simplex
Genus Sphodromantis
Sphodromantis viridis
Sphodromantis viridis
Sphodromantis is a large genus of mantises concentrated in Africa. Outside their range, many share the name African mantis.

Sphodromantis abessinica
Sphodromantis aethiopica
Sphodromantis annobonensis
Sphodromantis aurea Congo green mantis)
Sphodromantis baccettii
Sphodromantis balachowskyi African mantis)
Sphodromantis biocellata
Sphodromantis centralis African mantis, Central African mantis)
Sphodromantis citernii
Sphodromantis congica
Sphodromantis conspicua
Sphodromantis elegans
Sphodromantis elongata
Sphodromantis fenestrata
Sphodromantis gastrica common green mantis)
Sphodromantis gestri
Sphodromantis giubana
Sphodromantis gracilicollis
Sphodromantis gracilis
Sphodromantis hyalina
Sphodromantis kersteni
Sphodromantis lagrecai
Sphodromantis lineola African mantis, African lined mantis)
Sphodromantis obscura
Sphodromantis pachinota
Sphodromantis pardii
Sphodromantis pavonina
Sphodromantis quinquecallosa
Sphodromantis royi
Sphodromantis rubrostigma
Sphodromantis rudolfae
Sphodromantis tenuidentata
Sphodromantis trimacula
Sphodromantis viridis giant African mantis, bush mantis)
Genus Sphodropoda
Sphodropoda lepida
Sphodropoda loripes
Sphodropoda quinquedens
Sphodropoda tristis burying mantis)
Sphodropoda viridis
Genus Stagmatoptera
Stagmatoptera abdominalis
Stagmatoptera binotata
Stagmatoptera biocellata
Stagmatoptera femoralis
Stagmatoptera flavipennis
Stagmatoptera flavipennis - Muséum de Toulouse
Stagmatoptera flavipennis - Muséum de Toulouse
Stagmatoptera hyaloptera Argentine white crested mantis)
Stagmatoptera luna
Stagmatoptera nova
Stagmatoptera pia
Stagmatoptera praecaria
Stagmatoptera reimoseri
Stagmatoptera septentrionalis
Stagmatoptera supplicaria
Stagmatoptera supplicaria - Muséum de Toulouse
Stagmatoptera supplicaria - Muséum de Toulouse
Stagmatoptera vischeri
Genus Stagmomantis
Stagmomantis carolina
Stagmomantis carolina
The range of Stagmomantis includes North America, Central America, and South America.

Stagmomantis amazonica Jantsch, 1985) Amazon mantis)
Stagmomantis astecus Saussure, 1869)
Stagmomantis californica Rehn & Hebard, 1909) California mantis)
Stagmomantis carolina Johansson, 1763) Carolina mantis)
Stagmomantis colorata
Stagmomantis cinctipes
Stagmomantis coerulans
Stagmomantis costalis
Stagmomantis domingensis
Stagmomantis floridensis larger glorida mantis)
Stagmomantis fraterna
Stagmomantis gracilipes Arizona tan mantis)
Stagmomantis hebardi
Stagmomantis heterogamia
Stagmomantis limbata bordered mantis, Arizona mantis)
Stagmomantis maculata
Stagmomantis marginata
Stagmomantis maya
Stagmomantis montana
Stagmomantis nahua
Stagmomantis pagana
Stagmomantis paraensis
Stagmomantis parvidentata Beier, 1931)
Stagmomantis theophila
Stagmomantis tolteca
Stagmomantis venusta
Stagmomantis vicina

Genus Statilia
Statilia nemoralis Saussure, 1870), male, dorsal view; det. R. Ehrmann, 2002; leg.: Malaysia, Sabah, North Borneo, District Ranau, Poring Hot Spring Lodge, May, 2002, Leg. T. Kothe
Statilia nemoralis Saussure, 1870), male, dorsal view; det. R. Ehrmann, 2002; leg.: Malaysia, Sabah, North Borneo, District Ranau, Poring Hot Spring Lodge, May, 2002, Leg. T. Kothe
Statilia agresta
Statilia apicalis
Statilia chayuensis
Statilia flavobrunnea
Statilia maculata Japanese "ko-kamakiri" i.e. small mantis)
Statilia nemoralis
Statilia ocellata
Statilia pallida
Statilia parva
Statilia spanis
Statilia viridibrunnea
Genus Stenophylla
Stenophylla cornigera
Stenophylla cornigera
Stenophylla cornigera
Stenophylla lobivertex
Genus Sibylla
The genus Sibylla contains two genera and 13 species.

Subgenus)Sibylla Stal, 1856)
Sibylla dives Giglio-Tos, 1915)
Sibylla dolosa Roy, 1975)
Sibylla gratiosa Rehn, 1912)
Sibylla limbata Giglio-Tos, 1915)
Sibylla maculosa Roy, 1996)
Sibylla marmorata Roy, 1996)
Sibylla polyacantha Gerstaecker, 1889)
Sibylla pretiosa Stal, 1856) cryptic mantis, lichen mantis)
Subgenus)Sibyllopsis Roy, 1996)
Sibylla griffinii Giglio-Tos, 1915)
Sibylla operosa Roy, 1996)
Sibylla pannulata Karsch, 1894)
Sibylla punctata Roy, 1996)
Sibylla vanderplaetseni Roy, 1963)

Genus Tamolanica
This is another genus with species sometimes called shield mantises.

Tamolanica andaina
Tamolanica atricoxis
Tamolanica denticulata
Tamolanica dilena
Tamolanica katauana
Tamolanica leopoldi
Tamolanica pectoralis
Tamolanica phryne
Tamolanica splendida
Tamolanica tamolana New Guinea shield mantis)
Genus Taumantis
Taumantis cephalotes
Taumantis globiceps
Taumantis sigiana lime mantis)
Genus Tarachina
Tarachina brevipennis
Tarachina congica
Tarachina constricta
Tarachina occidentalis
Tarachina rammei
Tarachina raphidioides
Tarachina schultzei
Tarachina seriepunctata
Tarachina transvaalensis
Tarachina werneri
Tarachina zernyi
Genus Tarachodes
Members of this genus may be called bark mantises or ground mantises.

Tarachodes abyssinicus
Tarachodes afzelli Tanzanian ground mantis)
Tarachodes alluaudi
Tarachodes aestuans
Tarachodes arabicus
Tarachodes basinotatus
Tarachodes beieri
Tarachodes betakarschi
Tarachodes bicornis two-horned mantis)
Tarachodes bispinosus
Tarachodes brevipennis
Tarachodes chopardi
Tarachodes circulifer
Tarachodes circuliferoides
Tarachodes davidi
Tarachodes dissimulator
Tarachodes dives
Tarachodes feae
Tarachodes fraterculus
Tarachodes fuscipennis
Tarachodes gerstaeckeri
Tarachodes gibber
Tarachodes gigas
Tarachodes gilvus
Tarachodes griseus
Tarachodes griseus
Tarachodes haedus
Tarachodes insidiator
Tarachodes karschi
Tarachodes lucubrans
Tarachodes maculisternum
Tarachodes maurus
Tarachodes maurus
Tarachodes minor
Tarachodes modesta
Tarachodes monstrosus
Tarachodes namibiensis
Tarachodes natalensis
Tarachodes nubifer
Tarachodes nyassanus
Tarachodes obscuripennis
Tarachodes obtusiceps
Tarachodes okahandyanus
Tarachodes oxynotus
Tarachodes perloides
Tarachodes pilosipes
Tarachodes pujoli
Tarachodes rhodesicus
Tarachodes robustus
Tarachodes rotundiceps
Tarachodes sanctus
Tarachodes saussurei
Tarachodes schulthessi
Tarachodes severini
Tarachodes similis
Tarachodes sjostedti
Tarachodes smithi
Tarachodes taboranus
Tarachodes tananus
Tarachodes taramassi
Tarachodes ugandensis
Tarachodes usambaricus
Tarachodes vitreus
Tarachodes werneri
Genus Tenodera
Adult female Tenodera sinensis
Adult female Tenodera sinensis
There are Tenodera in Asia, Africa, Australia and North America.

Tenodera sinensis Saussure, 1871) Chinese mantis)
Tenodera aridifolia Stoll, 1813)
Tenodera australasiae Leach, 1814) purple-winged mantis)
Tenodera acuticauda Yang, 1997)
Tenodera superstitiosa Fabricius, 1781)
Tenodera fasciata Olivier, 1792)
Tenodera brevipennis Saussure, 1871)
Tenodera gambiensis Beier, 1931)
Tenodera stotzneri Werner, 1929)
Tenodera caudafissilis Wang, 1992)
Tenodera capitata Saussure, 1869)
Tenodera chloreudeta Burmeister, 1838)
Tenodera costalis Blanchard, 1853)
Tenodera equatoriana La Greca, 1993)
Tenodera herbacea Serville, 1839)
Tenodera houyi Werner, 1928)
Tenodera intermedia Saussure, 1870)
Tenodera iringana Giglio-Tos, 1912)
Tenodera nimbana Roy, 1963)
Tenodera parasinensis Otte & Spearman, 2004)
Tenodera philippina Beier, 1929)
Tenodera rungsi Uvarov, 1935)
Genus Theopompa
These species are sometimes known as the Asian bark mantises.

Theopompa borneana
Theopompa burmeisteri
Theopompa ophthalmica
Theopompa servillei
Theopompa tosta
Genus Theopropus
Boxer mantis and flower mantis are among the common names used for members of this genus.

Theopropus borneensis
Theopropus cattulus
Theopropus elegans banded flower mantis, Asian boxer mantis)
Genus Thesprotia
This genus is sometimes called American grass mantises.

Thesprotia infumata
Thesprotia infumata
Thesprotia brasiliensis
Thesprotia brevis
Thesprotia caribea
Thesprotia filum
Thesprotia fuscipennis
Thesprotia gigas
Thesprotia graminis American grass mantis)
Thesprotia infumata
Thesprotia insolita
Thesprotia macilenta
Thesprotia maculata
Thesprotia pellucida
Thesprotia simplex
Thesprotia subhyalina
Genus Thesprotiella
Thesprotiella peruana
Thesprotiella peruana
Thesprotiella graminis
Thesprotiella graminis
Thesprotiella bicorniculata
Thesprotiella festae
Thesprotiella fronticornis
Thesprotiella peruana
Thesprotiella similis
Genus Thrinaconyx
Thrinaconyx fumosus
Thrinaconyx fumosus
Thrinaconyx fumosa
Thrinaconyx kirschianus
Genus Tithrone
Tithrone catharinensis
Tithrone clauseni
Tithrone corseuili
Tithrone laeta
Tithrone latipennis
Tithrone major
Tithrone roseipennis
Tithrone roseipennis - Muséum de Toulouse
Tithrone roseipennis - Muséum de Toulouse
Genus Tropidomantis
Tropidomantis guttatipennis
Tropidomantis iridipennis
Tropidomantis yunnanensis
Tropidomantis gressitti
Tropidomantis tenera
Genus Toxodera
Toxodera denticulata
Toxodera denticulata
Toxodera denticulata
Toxodera fimbriata
Toxodera integrifolia
Toxodera maculata
Toxodera monstrosa
Genus Toxoderopsis
Toxoderopsis spinigera
Toxoderopsis taurus
Genus Toxomantis
Toxomantis sinensis
Toxomantis westwoodi
Genus Vates
Vates amazonica
Vates biplagiata
Vates boliviana
Vates festae
Vates foliata
Vates lobata
Vates luxuriosa
Vates multilobata
Vates multilobata - Muséum de Toulouse
Vates multilobata - Muséum de Toulouse
Vates obscura
Vates pectinata
Vates pectinicornis
Vates peruviana
Vates serraticornis
Vates weyrauchi
Genus Yersiniops
Members of this genus are common called ground mantises. Genus Pseudoyersinia is similar.

Yersiniops newboldi
Yersiniops solitaria horned ground mantis)
Yersiniops sophronica Yersin's ground mantis)
Genus Zoolea
Zoolea lobipes
Zoolea lobipes
Some members of this genus go by the common name unicorn mantis.

Zoolea borellii
Zoolea gigas
Zoolea guerinii
Zoolea lobipes
Zoolea major
Zoolea minor
Zoolea orba
According to most recent taxonomy, all genera of mantis now belong to one of the following families: