Deroplatys dessicata Dead leaf Praying mantis

Deroplatys desiccata, known by the common names giant dead leaf mantis and Malaysian dead leaf mantis, is a species of praying mantis from Southeast Asia. Wikipedia Scientific name: Deroplatys desiccata




Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia
Type Arboreal
Diet Babies eat flightless fruit flies both sizes. As they reach L3 stage they can take pinhead crickets, cockroaches and house flies.
Full Grown Size Both genders get up to 3,5 -4 inches. 
Growth Normal speed.
Temperature 70 to 80° F.
Humidity Around 80%.
Temperament Agressive
Housing For mantids, a screen cage is best, and is recommended more than any other enclosure. Babies & adults can live in a small screen cage.
Substrate 2 to 3 inches of peat moss, or potting soil.
Decor Branches, live plants, vines etc. make good climbing accessories. They also need these decorations to hang upside-down on a branch or a leaf for molting purposes. Moss can be added for floor cover.