We occasionally have praying mantis egg cases ooths (oothecae) available. Normally we hatch them and make sure there are plenty of future generations. Hatching ooths successfully does take some experience or in depth understanding on ooth care.

A praying mantis egg-case or ooth is a living thing. Once fertilized within the female the eggs begin to swell and come alive. The female will excrete a foam "nursery" for the babies. The ootheca is designed to withstand nature by helping to regulate the moisture within and also control temperature to a small degree, 

Oothecae should never be dried out, frozen or in too much heat. 

The ooths we sell are fertile, that we know, now that doesnt mean its guaranteed to hatch! Failed hatching of a fertile mantis egg case is always due to improper ooth care.

Some are simple and likely require minimal care and can hatch 50-200 babies! if you are interested in hatching ooths, ask questions and read on line what is valuable from mantis breeders. We will be adding clear care sheets and more videos soon.

The praying mantis that are native to the USA are great for pest control!