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Marble Mantis (Hierodula parviceps)

Marble Mantis (Hierodula parviceps) Family-Mantidae.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Sub-Phylum: Tracheata
Class: Insecta
Sub-Class: Pterygota
Super-Order: Dictyoptera
Order: Mantodea
Sub-Order: -
Family: Mantidae
Sub-Family: Mantidae
Tribe: Paramantini
Genus: Hierodula
Species: parviceps
Year: -
Distribution: Indonesia.

They should be kept at 20- 25°C, 60% humidity. This specie is good for beginners, as it is nice and hardy, and easy to care for. Thy can be kept together up to L3/ L4, provided that they always have some food. After L4, they should be separated, as they will start eating each other.

Females: get 2 3/4- 3inches (7.0- 7.5cm) long.

Males: get 2 1/2- 2 3/4inches (6.5- 7.0cm) long.

Diet: Drosophila, houseflies, crickets, flour worms

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