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  • Shipping, always an issue! Why?

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    Live arrival Guarantee -  Select USPS Express UPS NEXT DAY AIR. 

    You can choose any shipping method you want, however live arrival is only guaranteed with UPS NEXT DAY AIR!
    I realize it’s expensive but next day air UPS is the way to get them to you alive. With next day ups (not saver) we send with ice pack and insulation to make it.
    Next day ups delivers by noon the next day(before it gets too hot) as they travel through the cooler hours in the night.

    Even though we add cool-packs or heat-packs at no charge, if you are in a location where the temperatures are above 85F or below 45F or if our weather IS in zip code 10589 We cannot guarantee live delivery nor will we ship if it could endanger the live insect.

    Shipping live insects is always a delicate procedure. Besides heat waves, storms or freezing cold' long weekends and delivery exceptions, your role as the receiver is very important. If all goes properly you'll have a great experience and love the hobby as well as think we are the greatest! However, receiving a dead insect can be heart breaking. 

    Shipping properly is expensive. if your thinking it can sit in the shipping box till you get home you'll be disappointed.

    Live insects are perishable, if they get delivered fast and survive they still have been stressed. Unpack and place your new friend in a humid container. A quiet spot with dim light  leaving it alone overnight. Some light misting and a few fruit flies is a good idea.

    Its not a toy! be gentle and patient. If you cant wait to see it eat something because you find it entertaining, then this hobby isn't for you.

    These are wonderful creatures and remember one of Gods creations. If you think it came your way because your just curious and bought it, you may consider there's a bigger plan. 

    We hope you learn and grow with studying your insect, they are very entertaining also can seem sweet and do things you wouldn't expect from a 'bug'. 

    I often hear sweet stories of how some trust, ask for food, and when they see you are excited to come out to your hand, or sit on your desk while you work.

    Have fun and be at the door waiting when you have a delivery coming, your part is crucial to successful rearing and the survival of this animal.

    Good luck and please send pictures ask for help when you need it.

    Thank You


    Live Shipments:
    In order to minimize the time in transit, we generally only ship live insects on Mondays and Tuesdays so they don't sit in a postal facility over the weekend. Shipping days may be adjusted to account for holidays.
    Shipping in Extreme Temperatures:

    We reserve the right to delay shipment of live products. 
    You can cancel at any time if you cannot wait. Just sent it in email with your order information 

    If the current temperature in our location, or the temperature forecast your location, is above 90°F or below 40°F. We will notify you as soon as possible if this is the case, but you should also check your own forecast before placing your order.

    Live Arrival Guarantee:
    Due to varying weather conditions throughout the country, we offer a Live Arrival Guarantee for live products shipped via USPS Express or UPS Air delivery shipping only. You may choose Priority mail shipping at your own risk. Live products cannot be shipped First Class or regular priority