Air Plant Tillandsia Caput Medusa

Caput Medusa air plant.Watch it turn pink/purple curly/alien/octopus/ velvet texture approx 4" tall

  • Genus within the family of the Bromeliaceae
  • Name of genus: Tillandsia
  • Name of species: Tillandsia caput-medusae
  • Trivial name: Head of Medusa
  • evergreen, herbaceous flowering plant with epiphytic habit (air plant)
  • native to South America, mainly Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras
  • tubular, blue-red flowers in early summer
  • grey-blue, snake-shaped leaves, arranged like rosettes
  • heights of 15 to 40 cm
  • Temperature minimum: 15 degrees Celsius
  • Temperature maximum: 40 Grad Celsius

Tillandsia caput-medusae only uses its roots to cling to high trees or rocks. Since the exotic bromeliad does not require a substrate, there are many creative ways to cultivate it in living spaces. Thus, the head of Medusa with the bizarre snake-leaves perfectly puts itself in the limelight on branches, stones or cacti.