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Best insect habitat cage for praying mantis. Bug Box clear locking lid. Bug house complete KIT

This insect keeper box is great. Thoughtfully designed by an expert who knows cares and  about mantids and a happy successful experience with your pet as a hobby or breeder. Easy to manage temperature and (RH) Relative Humidity in any home at room temperature. Bug house is healthy and easy to keep.


Size:  2.5 Qt.  7 5/8" L 6 5/8" W x 6" H

Description: Clear View Plastic with EASY and secure locking handles. They also have a convenient place to label or DRY MARKER your pets name and species.

  •  2 Large Screen Vents assure proper cross ventilation. Small vent holes in the lid for adding moisture. GREAT for "Do Not Disturb" molting mantis and easy to maintain. 
  • Large Round Feeding Port with foam plug. Just funnel or drop your feeders in! No escapees! No mantis legs stuck while closing! 
  • Mesh canopy inside the lid ensures secure footing especially when molting occurs, or just for tracking down some prey.
  • Silicone ladder webbing included to ensure your pet can explore every corner
  • Flood Insurance? There are small drain holes in the bottom should you over water. Safe Clean No worries about a swampy germ breeding mess!
  • Included is COCO Fiber mold resistant substrate. Holds correct moisture and so easy to maintain. Coco Fiber has a near perfect natural pH level (5.2—6.3) Coco Husk fiber is ideal for invertebrates with medium to high humidity needs! Coco Husk is absorbent, easy to clean and Biodegradable.
  • Also included, colorful flower with stem leaves as a comfortable perch.
  • Stack-able, washable and the very best MADE IN USA.

Insects are the most diverse group of animals on the planet. "We THINK About Bugs"

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