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    Dwarf Tropical White Isopods (25 ct) + Temperate Springtails (8oz) Bioactive Bundle.

    You will receive an 8 oz container with 25+ Dwarf Tropical White Isopods and an 8 oz container containing temperate springtails. We've found that these two species are the best for most bioactive enclosures. the most efficient clean-up crew for every vivarium

    Dwarf Tropical White Isopods (Trichorhina tomentosa) are the most popular species of isopods for poison dart frog vivaria and other bioactive setups. They reproduce quickly and are a great isopod to seed your vivarium with. We also recommend using the starter culture to start a larger culture.  These little isopods are excellent to use in combination with springtails in moist enclosures with substrate. They are fast breeders, and their bright white coloration makes them easy targets for hungry small predators. Large populations are capable of eating entire dead cockroaches, making container maintenance much easier. Anecdotal evidence suggests they may consume viable cockroach oothecae, so they are best used for cleaning up ovoviviparous species. Despite this, they will not touch reptile eggs, making them the perfect clean-up crew for humidity-loving herptiles.

    You will receive an 8 oz container with 25+ Dwarf Tropical White Isopods, along with enough substrate and food to keep them going for a couple of weeks. 

    Springtails (Folsomia candidaare tiny arthropods (1-4 mm) and are used as "Tank Janitors" in a terrarium, eating mold and waste. They also make great supplemental food for your poison dart frogs. This 8oz culture houses springtails on a dirt-like substrate, which can be added directly to your vivarium!

    When you add springtails and isopods to your tanks they will reproduce. Simply dump the entire culture in your terrarium and mix the substrate in the springtail culture right into your substrate.

    If you are not adding to terrariums, we recommend that you buy a starter culture and use it to start a larger culture (we use 5 qt. Sterilite containers). Larger cultures produce better and are less prone to CO2 buildup. If you use this smaller culture to start a larger culture to feed froglets or seed multiple tanks, allow the culture to grow for a month before use. Each culture will seed up to a 29g / 18x18 size tank. For larger enclosures, allow the clean-up crew a month to grow in the enclosure before adding more, or purchase more cultures.

    Feed them monthly with usmantis springtail and isopod food.

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