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Instant Fruit-fly Culture Kit PODS New Product

NEW! Fruit-fly culture instant formula, just add hot water and flies. (Fruit flies sold separately Here)
Pre-measured ingredients super-fly mix in sealed pods.

No mess, just add hot water!

Self-contained and guaranteed to take the mystery out of culturing Drosophila Hydei or melanogaster feeder flies

Pure food grade ingredients.

The complete kit Includes:

  • 32-ounce culture cup with vented lid
  • White aspen excelsior
  • Culture pod media special formula in biodegradable *Flea bag” 
  • No mess, just add hot water!

Directions: add hot tap water soaking pod till saturated (approximately one cup).

Let cool Drain excess water 

Add excelsior and fruit flies (20-40) covering with vented lid.

Keep at room temperature allowing the fruit flies to reproduce and lay

In about 10-14 days you will see the larvae moving and soon begin hatching thousands of flies. The culture will last about 25 days or so before they all die so be sure to make more cultures while you have flies.

note: it’s normal to see some mold like culture, there is active yeast and ingredients that cause this

*”Flea bag” © protect as is “flea pod” “”Culture pod” and “flea pod” TM intellectual property of Frank Bee Enterprises inc. Patent pending