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Light-Up Insect Habitat Kit Complete STEM NEW

  • We have taken meticulous care to ensure success with your project. Ventilation and drainage for an ECO bio-active. Your Success is our Goal.
  •  It is a miniature insectarium within a container that simulates a natural environment. So, discover the beauty of nature by creating their own beautiful habitat with this all-inclusive kit. Watch as it grows by the day and glows at night with the innovative LED light under the vented lid., coco fiber substrate, removable stickers for decoration, spray bottle, and wooden stick 

  • 💡 GROWS BY DAY, GLOWS AT NIGHT: Beneath the lid, there is a built-in innovative LED light that transforms the experience into something magical. At night, just hit the small switch to turn on the light and watch how your terrarium turns into a gorgeous illuminated tabletop garden. You have to see it to believe it! The light can easily be recharged with the included Micro-USB cable.

  • 🔧 KIT INCLUDES: Insect jar (4″x6″),

  • light-up jar lid,

  • Micro-USB charging cable,

  •  coco fiber substrate

  •  removable stickers and figurines for decoration

  •  spray bottle

  •  wooden stick, and a Live Air Plant.  for your insect to climb

Build Your Own Insectarium That Lights Up at Night with Real LED Lights: Great Science Kit STEM

*insect not included

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