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Psytalla Horrida "Horrid King" Assassin Bugs Colony

Huge Ominous, and fittingly covered in warning colors, the horrida king assassin bug is the largest assassin bug in the world. Adults dwarf all three Platymeris species in culture with an appetite to match. In the wild, the horrid king assassin bug resides in dead trees and timber during the day, coming out at night to forage for unsuspecting prey. Its victims are dispatched with powerful venom injected using its rigid rostrum. Should any animal try to provoke this tyrant, it has numerous defenses including (but not necessarily limited to) stiffened spines on its thorax, volatile defensive fluid, unnerving stridulation, and the ability to inject and potentially spray its venom.

Surely, the horrid king assassin bug is best left to be observed, though some audacious keepers report that it can be quite docile when handled. They can spray venom. Do not handle these and one should always wear eye protection when viewing them.

Warning: you must be 21 yrs old to have the and have proper permit for your locale. Educational institutions and Zoo sales

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