Rhombodera Basalis Giant Shield Mantis

  • General
  • Scientific name: Rhombodera sp. IGM 227
  • German name: Green shield mantis
  • Distribution: India & Southeast Asia
  • Final size: Female about 10 cm, male about 9 cm
  • attitude
  • Temperature: Day 22 - 25 ° C, night room temperature
  • Relative Humidity: Tags 50 - 60 ° C, Night 60 - 70%
  • Recommended Terrarium minimum size WxDxH: 30 x 30 x 40 cm
  • Aggressiveness towards species: High
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • biology
  • Number of molts adult stage: Females approx. 9 (adult in L10), male approx. 8 (adult in L9)
  • Reaching sexual maturity after adult skin: Females about 4 weeks, males about 3 weeks
  • Development period in Ooth: approx. 5 weeks
  • Hatching rate per ooth: as many as 200 nymphs is possible
  • postgraduate
  • Food
    L1: Small fruit flies Drosophila melanogaster
    L2 / L3: Large fruit flies Drosophila hydei
    L4 / L5: Blue Bottle Flies

    Adult females also like to eat large crickets, grasshoppers or cockroaches and large meal-worms

    This  species Rhombodera cf. basalis . It has now been assigned to the IGM master 277. This strain has yellow inner wings.

    The Green Shield mantis can already be recognized by its wide backplate at early developmental stages. This mantid species is very aggressive, actively hunting.  In the subadult and adult stage, it likes to eat large prey such as adult crickets or cockroaches.  cannibalism rate definitely not communal.

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