Rhombodera megaera Giant praying mantis

Range Thailand
Type Ground, Bushes and Flowers
Diet Babies eat flightless fruit flies both sizes
Full Grown Size Both genders get up to 4,5 inches. 
Growth Fast speed.
Temperature 75 to 85° F.
Humidity Around 75%.
Temperament Aggressive
Housing For mantis, a screen cage is best, and is recommended more than any other enclosure. Babies & adults can live in a small screen cage.
Substrate 2 to 3 inches of peat moss, or potting soil.
Decor Branches, live plants, vines etc. make good climbing accessories. They also need these decorations to hang upside-down on a branch or a leaf for molting purposes. Moss can be added for floor cover.

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    charles s.
    United States

    Never got it

    You said you would replace it or refund my money , you did nothing , I don't think you're "krooks" but your probably better at caring for insects than your customers, DISAPPOINTED

    Joshua M.
    United States United States

    Easy and quick

    Very good. My bug arrived perky and healthy and lived a good long life. I have done somewhere between half a dozen to it doesn’t transactions with US mantis. All have gone very well. Always fast feedback when I have questions. The one time I had an issue, there was a quick resolution.

    United States United States


    My praying mantis a L3. Their name is willow. Came in yesterday. They ate and drank some water droplets and are doing great. They came in good condition good packaging. No lost limbs. Im very happy with it recommend 10/10

    Bryzik P.
    United States United States

    I love the ones I bought.

    I bought the best shipping and I emailed usmantis about receiving 2 of the opposite sex. They helped me receive what I wanted and my mantises came out of shipping looking great although I think the male is about to shed his skin. Thank you

    Amy K.
    United States United States

    Giant Rhombodera Megaera

    I received my mantis quickly, but it was very clear that it had a broken raptor arm! I tried emailing and calling this website, nothing. It had its first shed and had a very difficult time. My mantis finally bit off its arm. I hope that it will be able to hunt safely with one arm! I love my mantis, but very disappointed I was not offered another replacement, explanation or any acknowledgment of my situation. I also ordered a Giant Chinese Mantis and was sent something completely different.