Sipyloidea sipylus Pink Wing Stick insect

The scientific name of the Pink Wing Stick insect is (Sipyloidea sipylus). The Pink Wing originates in Madagascar, and has been successfully been in culture for decades. The Pink winged is often mistaken for the Indian Stick insect, and with good reason. When both species are adult, the Pink wing tends to be only a slightly lighter brown than the Indian Stick, a bit slimmer, and the same length. As nymphs it is a different story; the PW is bright green, while the Indian Stick nymphs are light beige to brown. Another major difference is that the Pink Wing Stick insect moves FAST

Food: I feed all my stick insects blackberry and raspberry all year, and add oak when it is available. They also eat Rose, Hawthorn, Salmon Berry, Rhododendron, and Pyracantha. Some keepers use Romaine and frozen Oak leaves all year.