Sphodromantis bacetti L4 Nymphs

Sphodromantis bacetti Sphodromantis baccettii is a species of praying mantis found in Kenya and Somalia. It may be distinguished from Sphodromantis lineola by the presence of blue-black spots on its forearms.

Sphodromantis is a large genus of praying mantises concentrated in Africa, sometimes ... Sphodromantis lineola(African Praying Mantis, African Mantis, Giant African Mantis, African Lined Mantis)

These are one of my favorites, they are great easy to handle eager to eat and will even wait by food dish like a dog when hungry! I love them and they are prolific breeders and ooth have as many as 250 nymphs hatch. Always a great choice for beginners and every collector. Sphodromantis is a crowd pleaser! Colors range from green to tan. It is said that they can change color depending on the food and their environment. 

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