Springtails Bio-active Cleaners and feeders for your habitats

Springtails (Folsomia candidaare tiny arthropods (1-4 mm) and are used as "Tank Janitors" in a terrarium, eating mold and waste. They also make a portion of great supplemental food for your mantids, spiderlings, poison dart frogs. This 8oz culture houses springtails on a dirt-like substrate, which can be added directly to your vivarium! We use a clay-based substrate and you can use some in your vivarium or just add the springtails.

Our cultures are the best and most desired!

One of the most desired critters in a terrarium is springtails. ... Because they help combat and eliminate the most common terrarium problem: mold. They feed off of mold and dead vegetation and therefore make for a great cleanup crew.

When you add springtails to your tanks they will reproduce. Simply dump the entire springtail culture in your terrarium and mix the substrate

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