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Tillandsia Ionantha air plant

The Ionantha air plant is one of the more striking and sought after tillandsia varieties available.  The have become so popular the past several years that all cultivators of tillandsias have focused great efforts in producing this variety of air plant.  One of the most desirable aspects of the Ionantha air plant is that it is a very hearty plant, that will require minimal attention compared to some other varieties of air plants.  While they are a hearty plant, they still do require some attention with regular misting and soakings.  The Ionantha varieties love sunlight, so they should also be kept in an area that gets adequate light throughout the day(east/west facing windows are best).  We recommend soaking the plant once or twice a week depending on the environment, and regular misting as needed.  And don't forget, always water your air plants in the morning and make sure to shake off any excess water before setting them out to dry!

This species is 2-3” and taller when it blooms.