Ultimate Praying Mantis Invertebrates Habitat Bioactive Elite New!

The ultimate invertebrate habitat!
Designed by entomology experts to ensure a healthy and efficient environment and for your pleasure. 

Made with crystal clear acrylic and aluminum. Vented for cross-ventilation and feeding port and plug for easy and escape-free feeding.

Vented side panels and lid for perfect cross ventilation

 Magnetic lid with silicone mesh.

Feeding port with plug for stress-free escape-free easy access 

Large Size 14” W X 8” D X 10” High

"This is the very best habitat for invertebrates"

Praying mantis, insects, Dart frogs, Geckos, Chamelions, taqrantulas

We offer 2 kits:

  • Ultimate basic-kit includes
  1. Digital thermometer humidity (RH) gauge with a probe
  2. Coco fiber mold-proof substrate 
  3. Artificial flower decorative perch
  4. Mesh lattice climbing sheets 
  • Ultimate Bio-active- kit includes
  1. Digital thermometer humidity (RH) gauge with the probe
  2. 3-pack of bio-active friendly air plants 
  3. Bioactive substrate mix to support healthy organic environment and cleanup crew
  4. The cleanup crew live isopods and springtail mix
  5. Springtail and isopod food
  6. Spray bottle for water maintain humidity 
  7. Mesh lattice climbing sheets