July 13, 2018 2 min read

While animals have genetic color factors they remain dull without proper diet. When fortified with Minerals, Trace Elements, Vitamins, and Carotenoids in order to Maximize the Nutritional Value of Fruit Flies when they are Used as Feeders can enhance the color of your pet. Dried Spirulina Algae, Beet root powder Freeze Dried Plankton, Freeze Dried Krill, Dried Kelp, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Lecithin, beta-carotene.

We all can visualize the rosier orange cheeks of a baby and tint of orange on the nose This is because we feed them carrots and foods rich in carotene. Birds are a fine example, as Flamingos are not naturally pink They feast on tiny shrimp (Krill) which eat algae, red algae and kelp or Spirulina

One important note is that the animal which eats the color rich feeders needs the genetic disposition or color factor which will show the color if it has the proper diet. for example, if flamingos ate green food the would not have green plumage they would remain gray if without red krill diet.

Mantids are insectivores, feeding them supplements directly would not work, though when nutritious feeders digest and process these minerals and trace elements they are able to utilize the benefits. 

Do not read this as "gut loading" its different gut loading is more filling the gut of the feeders with vitamins and like taking a pill the animal ingests the vitamins. The different with raising larvae in a culture rich in these ingredients is that they synthesize the nutrients and are able to be digested and in a nutritious state. 

its like the difference between using dye to color a feather or skin color as compared to it being infused by digestion with the healthy benefits processed naturally. 

This is ongoing research and we have created fruit-fly culture mix to and control groups to document effective results. 

We have learned using Agar pectin and corn starch to stabilize the mix and prevents the fluid separation and that acrid smell. It sets as a gel while maintaining the correct level of moisture needed for thriving cultures. We will be offering free samples for some beta testers as well as selling the mix commercially here on our site