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July 11, 2018


These days finding natural and safe methods to control insects for growing herbs including cannabis and vegetables indoors and in tents and greenhouses. Praying mantids are insectivores, unfortunately most species will hunt and kill cannibalize other mantids including their own nymphs.

There is a solution I've learned of through research that is the best solution for pest control the perfect defense a natural predator called P. Paradoxa.

P paradoxa are one of the few communal mantis species which not cannibalize their own.  Once you have an established community of these mantids you will benefit from their voracious appetite for: Ants Aphids Caterpillars Cutworms Crickets and grasshoppers Deer Fungus gnats Leaf miners Mealy bugs Spider mites Thrips Whiteflies Marijuana or greenhouse gardener pests or bugs are things every grower will encounter and has to control and identify. 

P. paradoxa are a relatively docile species known for "Stealth" method of hunting. Sometime called "Ghosts" as they are masters of camouflage and  easily mistaken by other insects as part of the plant. Normally they will hang from a branch perfectly still foraging on pest insects which may be traveling on the stems of the plants or flying near the praying mantis. They are masters of deception and calculating every move they make to have the most advantageous position to attack.  They are unusually clever as when they do move towards a new location or while hunting they will sway as if they are just a leaf moving in the breeze.

They are hearty and breed easily though they are not to be released into the environment as they are not an indigenous species. We do not condone nor promote any illegal use of these products and offer this information as cited in a study by recent entomologist scientific research. P paradoxa are non native to the USA so may not be legal to use in your territory and you may want to check local laws for compliance.

 Scientists might be able to draw from new sources of cannabis pest control for medical marijuana. We are hoping this will one day be approved USDA for use here in the USA. Great for control of plant lice, aphids, white flies, beetles, grasshoppers. spider mites, black flies or the occasional caterpillar. They are really wondrous creatures and give hours of enjoyment watching their antics as they devour the mean pests that infest your pot plants or garden as a whole.