Bio-Balls Springtail Spawning Spheres NEW PRODUCT!

Bio-Balls are filled with activated charcoal. Designed to increase flow and area for springtails to spawn and rapidly reproduce. 

Grow booming master cultures spawning springtails using the best science and products.

Just place Bio-Balls in the 8oz container with water and seed with springtails. 
Add our Springtail food and microfauna-boost. Cover and allow 10-15 days at room temperature 

Efficient, convenient and smart. It’s as easy as adding the balls to use in your habitat allowing them to maintain their spawning colony within. For use in all bioactive substrates for insectariums, vivariums terrarium and palladium 

The smart way to maintain a bioactive habitat. Easy to regulate the proper measure of moisture and volume 

Add our sponge filled balls for maintaining and aeration in dense substrates and wet habitats 

10 balls refillable are included